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We re-share several our staging project photos with shoppable links on LikeToKnowIt every day. Each month we love to look back to see what you all shopping for currently and we've rounded up our top sellers for January 2021.


It doesn't come as a surprise that this affordable faux leather counter stool made January's top sellers. Counter stools seem to be in demand these days are we get it - they are an inexpensive and easy way to update your kitchen. We love how the faux leather is chic, but also super kid-friendly. Shop similar stools here and here.


This vintage-inspired area rug is fresh and modern and is a great pop of color against neutral furniture. We use this rug in all rooms - living, dining and bedrooms - it looks awesome everywhere. Shop similar rugs here and here.

BLACK METAL DINING CHAIRS - Overstock $155/pair

We have several sets of these versatile dining chairs in our staging inventory and Melinda also has a similar set in her own dining room. These chairs can work with any décor style and again, we love them because they are kid-friendly too! Shop similar chairs here and here.


These sleek gray nightstands are a great size and can hold their own against a big bedroom set. We love the warm brass hardware against the gray color of the nightstand. These are a total winner for your bedroom. Shop similar nightstands here and here.


Bedroom benches are a great addition of style and function in your bedroom. This tufted leather bench adds a masculine texture against soft bedding and in addition to looking great at the foot of your bed, they are a perfect spot to lay out tomorrow's outfit :) Shop similar benches here and here.


My husband gives me trouble about white upholstered furniture, but the best part about this skirted dining chair is that the fabric can be removed and washed - WIN! Shop similar dining chairs here and here.

It should be said that despite my best efforts, I cannot keep real plants alive at my house. I'd like to blame the lighting or draftiness of my house, but I think it has more to do with the homeowner, not the home. We use faux plants in home staging and in the four short years we've been in business, faux plants have come a LONG way. I used to turn my nose up to faux plants, but now I use them all over my house. So if you can't commit to real plants, or you are putting your home on the market, faux plants are a great way to add a pop of color, as well as bring some life to your indoor spaces.


We typically bring at least one faux tree to each staging project. They look so good tucked into the corner of a dining room and serve as an anchor to any room. We buy a lot of faux fiddle leaf fig trees for our inventory. With the large glossy leaves and voluminous stature, they are a lot of bang for the buck. We also love a good faux olive tree. They are a little more delicate than the fig, but give great visual interest and there are some really good faux olive trees out there.

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We can't even count the number of stems and vases that we take to each project. We truly believe that plants add so much to a staged property and our use of plants is definitely something that sets us apart from other staging companies. You can add faux stems just about anywhere in the house. We love to use stems on console tables, coffee table and in bathrooms - really, the sky is the limit. Like with real stems, it's important to consider the season when you select your faux stems. However, some faux plants and stems, like zz plants and eucalyptus, can typically work all year round.

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Whether you are staging your home to sell or styling your home to stay, we think you can't go wrong with some pops of greenery - faux or real! But if you have a black thumb like I do, faux might be the way to go.

The holiday decorations are down and the snow is finally melting, so spring must be around the corner, right? Fingers crossed, I'm over this cold weather!

We primarily focus on the interior spaces in our home staging projects; however, we always advise our homeowners to pay specific attention to their exterior spaces as well. Buyers form an impression of a home very quickly, so it's important to maintain excellent curb appeal when your home is on the market.

And even if your home is not on the market, it's a good reminder to pay attention to your home's exterior, particularly the front porch. I know at my house it's often a space that gets a little neglected. The fall and winter leaves have blown into the porch, the door mat has seen better days, and full disclosure, my now very-dead wreath is still hanging from Christmas. Yikes!

Updating the front porch curb appeal is pretty easy and affordable. First, we often recommend that a homeowner invest in a new door mat - they get pretty gross rather quickly, especially after the winter months. Below are some great options. Typically for sellers, we suggest that you keep it simple and neutral and steer clear of anything too specific or pun-y.

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Another easy way to add a pop of color and some instant curb appeal is to change up your wreath. There are awesome live plant options in your local nurseries, but if you're looking for a faux option to withstand the elements, below are some great choices. We suggest that you keep the wreath simple and if you're listing your house, steer clear of hanging anything too holiday-specific.

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Lastly, some chic planters filled with real or faux plants is another amazing way to enhance your curb appeal. If you have a hard time keeping plants alive (hand way up!) then perhaps some faux plants (i.e., boxwoods) are the way to go. Or reach out to a local landscaper or nursery to find out what plants will work best on your porch.

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Hopefully this helps you get your front porch spring-ready! Remember, that first impression counts, so don't neglect those outdoor spaces and impress your buyers the moment they pull up.

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