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So this is certainly not a fashion blog nor am I a fashion expert (even though American Express might think otherwise based upon my charges)...BUT over the last year or so, Melinda and I have become quite big fans of athleisure clothing. This should come as no surprise given that our staging projects are very labor intensive. Between the heavy lifting, furniture assembly and running around town, we tend to lean towards casual attire. If it can't be roughed up or go in the wash, no thanks. With the change in season, I have my eye on some really awesome "work pants" that I think you'll love. Check 'em out!


About half the clothes in my closet have stripes, so it's no surprise that I totally love the classic Adidas stripe look. Brings me back to grade school when my most prized possession was my navy Adidas windbreaker jacket with a hood. Yikes! These three pants all have that classic appeal, but a new modern twist. Need them all. Now.

SOURCES: left, middle, right


We're all busy ladies moving from one thing to the next so any cheat that make this crazy life seems a little easier is right up my alley. This next set of pants totally fit the bill in that I can just swap out my sweaty moving shirt, add a chambray button down and I can seriously appear pulled together for the next event of the day. Is there really anything better? AND both the moto and leather leggings are from Old Navy, which has such great active wear options at even better prices.

SOURCES: left, middle, right


Whether you work out a ton (teach me your secrets!), have a job that requires a ton of movement like us, or just plain love active wear, it's really hard to not get obsessed and want everything out there. Here are a few more pants that I just flat out want. So fun.

SOURCES: left, middle, right

So if you see any amazing pants that you're coveting, please let me know ASAP. I can always make a little more room in my drawers!



My mom always has the best eye for deals and snagged an amazing, huge dough bowl from Hobby Lobby last week – at 50% OFF! Seriously, it’s so big and wonderful and I’ve determined its permanent home will be on my dining room table. With fall coming up I’ve been trying to come up with a few fun, festive ideas to fill this enormous bowl. Here are a few pics that I’m using for inspiration:

So clearly I contemplated the easiest option first and figured I could buy a few huge bags of granny smith apples from Trader Joe’s and fill the bowl. So easy, so effective. I love the bright green color of the apples against the brown bowl and it could really add a pop in my super neutral dining room. But is it too simple? No pizzazz?

The second option seemed just a tiny bit more time consuming than the apples, but just as easy. I could go to my local plant shop and pick up a handful of small fall plants and flowers and arrange them in the bowl. But given my inability to keep plants alive, this is probably not the best option for me. But it’s certainly beautiful and an easy way to bring the outdoors in.

Next, I could try my hand at the gorgeous Pottery Barn display that I found on their website with candles and succulents. Succulents feel a little more summer than fall to me, so I thought I could swap them out with some more fall-ish plants (think mums!). I really love the candles but given how little I entertain I don't think it's the one.

My fourth option for a perfect fall centerpiece is easy, inexpensive and certainly my favorite of the 4. I love unique pumpkins and gourds and seriously dance a happy dance when I see them pop up at the Kirkwood Farmer's Market. I snagged a handful of pale colored pumpkins as well as some flat and seeded eucalyptus and just messed around with the arrangement until I found the configuration that worked. So here is the final outcome - I'm pretty excited!

I’d love to hear what you think! And while it’s definitely not a new idea or trend, I can’t believe I haven’t decorated with granny smith apples more. There’s nothing I love more (in all areas of my life) than things that are clean, simple and easy!



Sources: pumpkins, plants, apples, candles

Melinda and I are constantly out and about sourcing for staging projects and one item that we’re always on the lookout for is a neutral side chair. If you’ve seen our work, you are well aware that we tend to lean towards light furniture and even if you can’t commit to a light couch for whatever reason (messy kids, pets, and spouses!) a neutral side chair is a great compliment to offset your darker pieces. Trust me, I get it – I have a leather couch in my living room and it’s not going anywhere until my kids graduate high school. And while we love to source locally, I wanted to share with you some awesome online options from Target that will bring warmth, style and charm into any home!

(left) I love this Lyle Tufted wing back chair and while it leans a little traditional, I think it could really fit in any decor with it's classic lines and casual fabric. A pair of these wing backs would look amazing in an office and for $420.99 each, they are such a good find.

(right) I can total picture my dog, Crosby, all cozied up on this Freeland Armchair, despite our "no dogs on the couch" policy. She's never been much of a rule follower! This armchair is classic, casual and comfortable and would be a perfect in any living room with a big warm blanket tossed over one arm.

(left) If you are looking for accent chairs for a smaller space, this Juniper Cane and White Washed Wood chair is a great option. This neutral barrel chair would be perfect in a small sitting area or even at a desk or vanity.

(right) For those of you who favor a more mid-century style, this Esters Wood Arm chair is super stylish and would create that perfect spot to curl up with a book. Using neutral accent chairs allows you to mix it up with other accessories. When we stage, we love to stay neutral with the key pieces and have more fun with patterned and colorful throw pillows and blankets.

(left) The Desmonda Upholstered chair is the perfect little slipper chair to add to your living room or office. It's sleek, clean and contemporary, but also has a really nice thick cushion that's inviting to any behind!

(right) The London Arm Linen Club Chair with Nailheads is super chic with the tailored linen upholstery, beautiful rolled arms and nailhead details. I could totally picture this in my living room, offsetting my more masculine leather couch.

(left) I have seen so many iterations of this Home Colonnade Spindle Accent chair and I must say, the Studio Designs version sold at Target is really nice. The black spindle arms and legs are such a good contrast to the large beige seat and back cushions and I really think this chair would be a great addition to an office, living room or corner nook.

(right) This Aurla Upholstered arm chair is another more contemporary selection from Target and I really love the clean lines of the chair as well as the solid birch wood base, which is a nice contract against the beige material. It's currently on sale for $211.99 each, which makes it even that much more attractive! Go get it now!

There you have it, 8 awesome, neutral accent chairs from Target. I just love that Target makes it so easy to bring style into our homes at an affordable price. So if you're in the market for accent chairs, you know where to look!

Happy shopping!

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