Our business is home staging, but we get to wear many hats in our work and personal lives.  We are boss babes, moms, and home decor enthusiasts.  On this blog you'll get to read a little bit about all of the above! 


Now that the holiday decorations are down, my house is feeling a bit boring and in desperate need of a refresh. I certainly don't need anything major, especially after all the money spent on the holidays (yikes!), but a few small updates here and there would do the trick. I love shopping on Etsy and have rounded up some of my current favorite items to give me home new life!


Updating pillows and throws are an easy and inexpensive way to change up a room for a new season, or just when you want a change. I typically don't invest too much in pillows and throws for my living room couch because with young kids and a dog they get pretty abused. One of the best things about Etsy is the wide variety of pillows selections, as well as pillow prices. So whether you are looking for a high-end designer pillow or just an inexpensive, washable pillow, you can find them both on Etsy. I'm obsessed with Amber Interiors (she is a queen) and have felt really inspired by her new book - so I'm trying to recreate a similar vibe with the following pillows:

image via Amber Interiors

SOURCES: top left, top middle, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right


I am always moving things around my house and restyling my shelves and coffee table, so I'm on the hunt for some new fun accessories. Lately I've been searching for vintage pieces that can add some visual interest to my décor and Etsy is the perfect place for unique finds. For my kitchen, I'm really into mixing in cool dishes to compliment my plain white dishes and I'd love some new cutting boards to layer against the white backsplash. And for my office shelves, I'd like some pieces with texture and pops of color. Here's what is currently in my cart.

SOURCES: top left, top middle, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right

What refreshes are you doing around the house to get you excited about your house again?



We feel truly grateful that our small business was able to thrive (and exist for that matter) despite the constant state of change and uncertainty of this crazy year. The real estate market started super crazy in January and February, then SCREECHED to a halt in March and April while everyone just sat around freaking out and in many cases trying to juggle new, additional responsibilities at home. (Including us!) We are thankful to know that we have ALMOST made it to 2021, which we think will bring tons of fresh energy into our business and lives! We'll admit it, this year was tough personally in SO MANY ways. Without getting too mushy or personal, (because we've done enough crying) we'd love to share some of our end-of-year business highlights.

Thank you to our clients, friends, and supporters for sticking by us during this year of uncertainty. We appreciate you! Cheers to 2021! We are looking forward to another year staging homes for you! If you ever have a question about staging or are looking for an STL Stager, please send us an email at We'd love to answer all of your staging questions and help you sell your home fast!



It is no secret that over the years we accumulate A LOT of things in our homes, many of which we don’t need, want or even know that we still own! The moving process is a great time to look at what you have and to pare down in preparation for the move. Your potential buyers want to know that there is enough space for all their things, so showcasing a clean and clutter-free home is super important.

In general, we recommend that you create 4 piles when you are organizing your home for sale –


As you go through each room, you can categorize your possessions into each group and slowly narrow down the items that you want to make the move. Sometimes this process can be overwhelming, especially when you have sentimental attachment to your possessions. If you feel that you need help tackling the organization, we recommend that you hire a professional organizer to assist in the process.

Once you’ve identified the items that you want to donate, there are a number of organizations that will take your items, and some of which even come pick them up.

Below are some great organizations to consider. Please make sure that you thoroughly check each organization's website to understand what items they do and do not accept.

Home Sweet Home - Home Sweet Home helps clients from partner organizations transition to their new living situations with much-needed furnishings and basics, providing a sense of ownership and a source of stability at this crucial time.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul - St. Vincent accepts donations of new or gently used clothing, home goods, and furniture.

Habitat for Humanity - Habitat ReStore accepts new and gently used appliances, furniture, building materials, household goods and more from individuals and companies.

Charity Clothing Pick Up - If you have lots of clothing that you like to donate, Charity Clothing Pick Up is a great resource for gently used clothing for all men, women and children sizes, as well as for gently used, small household items.

ASCPA or local animal shelters - If you have old blankets and towels that you no longer need, be sure to reach out to your local animal shelters, who oftentimes accept these types of donations in their locations.

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