• Melinda King Christman

EASY UPDATES:  throw pillow edition

Staging your house to sell doesn’t require a huge investment – let’s be honest, you’d rather save that money for your new digs. But a few small easy updates can make a big difference and hopefully lead to a quicker sale and higher profit. In today’s addition of easy updates we are tackling throw pillows. In the wonderful world of Etsy, it’s never been easier to update your rooms by swapping out a throw pillow. There are countless sites dedicated to your favorite designer pillows at a fraction of the cost.

Transform your couches and chairs – Very few sellers want or need to invest in a new couch to stage their home, but a few strategically placed throw pillows can either add visual interest to an otherwise dull couch or tone down that eye sore of a couch you’ve had since college.

Add interest to your bedroom – At Olive & Opal we always suggest neutral bedding when staging your home. White and neutral quilts and comforters are an easy and inexpensive option that will not distract your potential buyers. Adding throw pillows is a great way to add some visual interest without competing for attention. While we encourage a seller to mix and match your throw pillows both in size and pattern we would suggest that you stick with a dominate color and mix in neutrals and complimentary shades.

Direct your buyer’s eye ­– Throw pillows can be used to guide your eye in home staging and provide cohesion from room to room. A coordinated collection of textures and patterns in complementary hues can help provide a natural flow. You certainly don’t need to be matchy-matchy, but using a consistent palette in different ways will make your home seem less disjointed. Throw a few square pillows on the end chairs in your dining room in a coordinating hue or mix in some large floor pillows in a bonus room for some warmth and texture.

Here's a round up of some of our favorite throw pillows:






neutrals: TOP left , middle, right BOTTOM left, middle, right

florals + prints: TOP left, middle, right BOTTOM left, middle, right

stripes + solids: TOP left, middle, right BOTTOM left, middle, right

fun accents: TOP left, middle, right BOTTOM left, middle, right