• Melinda King Christman

Preparing your home to sell with Rene Knott of KSDK

A few weeks ago Olive & Opal was approached by Rene Knott from the KSDK Morning Show to provide insight for a segment dedicated to help potential buyers sell their homes. We were thrilled to be included in the discussion and Rene could not have been kinder. After days of stress and practice and more stress and more practice (and TV appearance shopping!), we met with Rene at one of our currently staged properties. Honestly, Rene could not have been nicer and the interview truly felt like a conversation among friends.


The focus of our interview was the top do’s and do not’s when preparing your home to sell. The editing of the segment did not allow all our tips to be aired so we’re sharing them here. We can (and WILL) dedicate entire posts to each of these tips but at a glance, here we go…


1) DO CLEAN TOP TO BOTTOM, INSIDE OUT – interior cleaning implies that the house has been cared for and well maintained while exterior cleaning and focus really draws in potential home buyers

2) DO DEPERSONALIZE – remove personal artifacts and memorabilia (i.e., family pictures, diplomas, religious artifacts) which can ultimately distract potential buyers from picturing themselves living in the home

3) DO FOCUS ON KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS – make the kitchen light, open and functional by removing almost everything from counters and the fridge, except for a few decorative items; freshen up bathrooms with new white towels and new shower curtains


1) DON’T IGNORE SMELLS – this can be a huge turn-off to potential buyers; a thorough cleaning should help with smells, but particularly in homes where there is a history of smoke or pet odors, it might be good to enlist some professional help

2) DON’T LEAVE CLUTTER - now is as good a time as ever to begin packing up your belongings and removing items that do not serve a function in the room; it is also important not to move clutter by storing it in another place (i.e., basement or closet) as it tells a potential buyer “there isn’t enough room for their stuff, will there be enough room for mine?”

3) DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE EMPTY – an empty home can be cold and uninviting; also, buyers cannot judge the size of a space without furniture and rooms actually appear smaller without furniture



You want to showcase your home in a way that appeals to your target market and allows buyers to envision themselves living in your home. You want to MAXIMIZE your home’s strengths and MINIMIZE its weaknesses.

A tremendous thank you Rene Knott and the KSDK team, as well as to the homeowners of the property and their agent where we shot the footage. They were so kind to let us use their space to showcase our work. You can see the gorgeous property at 39 N. Newstead in the Central West End here…check it out!