• Anna Neal

That first impression rose...

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love The Bachelor. So addicting. Clearly there are more productive ways to spend your Monday nights but it’s the perfect guilty pleasure to ease you back in to the work week. And amazingly, there are some lessons to be learned from these fabulous ladies vying for the rose. No serious candidate on The Bachelor would step out of that limo without putting her best foot forward.

So when it comes to listing your home, make sure you are presenting the best version of your property. And if you want to win that first impression rose you need to focus on one thing: CURB APPEAL. Regardless of the weather conditions, it’s important to dedicate time and energy to the exterior.

In honor of Arie’s new season, let’s steal a few tips from the lovely ladies of our favorite guilty pleasure and snag that buyer:

DECLUTTER (leave your baggage in the limo)

Remove and/or store any personal belongings. Be sure that all existing outdoor furnishings and accessories are cleaned and well-maintained.

BRIGHTEN YOUR ENTRANCE (slap on a spray tan and whiten those teeth)

A fresh coat of good-quality exterior paint can set the stage as potential buyers enter your home. Be sure to select a welcoming color that appeals to the masses. Clean, shiny numbers make a great impact and a brand new welcome mat is inexpensive way to attract buyers.

Welcome mats: classic jute , pops of green, blue basic, diamonds

MAINTAIN A MANICURED LAWN (head-to-toe grooming)

Keep your lawn mowed and your walkways and driveway clean. Depending on the season you may have to mow every few days while your home is listed to maintain a neatly manicured lawn. Adding fresh mulch to your existing flower / plant beds can make a big difference in appearance. In colder months, be sure to keep your walkways clear of the elements and to power wash your surfaces.

INVEST IN PLANTERS (pack your best and brightest gowns)

A durable and stylish planter is an affordable and easy way to dress up your porch or stoop. Pack it full of beautiful flowers in the Spring to add some color to your entry, then swap out flowers for a faux topiary in the Winter than can withstand the elements and still provide color and life. (Note: just like Bachelor Nation, your buyers can tell the difference between good faux and bad faux so find a good quality faux plant in colder months)

Planters: limestone urn, boxwood topiary, rattan set of 3, black urn

Ladies, go get your man...ugh, I mean, homeowners, go get your buyer!

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