• Anna Neal

Ready for your open house? Use your 5 senses

How do you know when your house is ready for potential buyers? We recommend you use your 5 senses! While some of these tips seem like common sense we've all walked in to an open house where you have wondered "why did they do that?" Sometimes the seller decides not to spend the time or money to clean, declutter, de-personalize, or leaves odd or very specific decoration. It can make an experienced stager wonder why they didn't properly stage and prepare their property, because we can see all of the money that went right out the window (yikes!), either (1) in the form of time on market and holding costs or (2) in the form of costly price reductions. As a simple introduction to staging techniques, use your senses to determine if you are ready for MLS photos or an open house.

Follow these home staging tips to determine whether or not your are ready for an open house.

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