• Anna

Personalized canvas print with Canvas Press

I am so excited to share our amazing experience with Canvas Press to create this beautiful 16x20" one-of-a-kind canvas print. The whole process could not have been easier - picking a photo was probably the hardest and most time-consuming part!

Melinda and I scoured our phones for the perfect photo and luckily we had many options stemming from Melinda's recent trip to Europe with her mom - cue the jealousy :) We selected a gorgeous picture of two bicycles parked in front of rows and rows of vines at a vineyard in French. She leads a glamorous life, no?

So once the hard part was over, I simply logged in at Canvas Press - - and literally ordered the 16x20" unstretched canvas in 3 simple clicks. Apparently when I submitted the pictures I did not set up the margins correctly (user error, oops!). No big deal - I had an email waiting for me the very next morning asking to confirm the margins and select the layout that best fit my needs. A+ for service!

Canvas Press sent our custom print within a week and we are now the proud owners of an awesome personalized canvas! I am thrilled with the results. I ordered a frame for the canvas, so I think we'll start getting it into our staging rotation as soon as I get it back from the framers. Seriously, we were so impressed with Canvas Press - you should check it out with you favorite pic!