• Anna

Guest room makeover

Aside from several personal goals and resolutions for the New Year (more like hundreds!), I also have quite a number of house projects that I’d like to tackle this year. At the top of the projects list is to finish the guest room on our main floor. We have a small room next to the master bedroom that has had a number of functions over the past 5 years. It’s been a playroom (hence the black chalkboard wall), an office and most recently, a place to dump our junk/office. Please see exhibit to the left (so embarrassing that I actually posted this pic)!

My family lives out of town, so I’d like to transform this room into a warm and relaxing guest room so that my parents do not need to stay at a hotel when they visit (although at the end of a long day with the Neal’s I would want to escape to a hotel too)!

I plan to keep a tight budget on this project and keep costs under $2,500. It’s a small room so it will not have a ton of furniture, but I want to create a clean, cozy retreat for guests with plenty of space and function. The first task on the list will be to paint the room. Unfortunately I thought black chalkboard paint was a good idea a few years ago, so I’ll need several coats to cover up that mistake. Pretty much every wall surface in my home is Benjamin Moore Ballet White, so I will continue to use this color in the new guest room (if it ain't broke).

Here is the design board that I have created for the space. To stay in line with costs I will probably need to seek some alternatives, but here is what I have in mind:

CB2 alchemy matte black bed - I love this simple black metal bed from CB2 and it's currently on sale, yay! I plan to place the bed under the window on the far wall so I was looking for a bed with a low head board.

Urban Outfitter Kira night stands - I am not planning to include a dresser in the guest room, so I wanted to find some night stands that had a little functional storage. I think these simple wood nightstands from Urban Outfitters are perfect.

All Modern Fegan 22" table lamp - I love to mix metals and it's totally a trend that I hope sticks around for awhile, so you know I'm going to love these cement and brass table lamps. Such a cool way to add some interest in an otherwise simple room.

Deco Life Turkish Rug (Etsy) Boho vintage rug - I need this rug. Even if I use it in another room in my home I really need it! And with Etsy, you have to act fast when you find something you love. So promise me now you won't sweep it out from under me! I plan to layer the Turkish rug over the natural fiber rug that's currently in the space.

Wayfair Melton leather stool - Without a dresser, I feel like the leather stools are another great way to add a place for guests to put their things in the room. With a pinkish rug and pinkish art, I think these stools balance out the femininity of the room.

Ikea Puderviva duvet cover - I love this white duvet from Ikea and at $89 for a queen set, the price is right too. I really want to keep the bedding clean and simple and this duvet cover looks wonderful and gets great reviews as well.

One Affirmation (Etsy) lumbar pillow cover - I think one extra long lumbar pillow on a clean white bed is such a great look. Don't get me wrong, I love a bed with tons of throw pillows too. But to achieve the simple retreat feel of my guest room, this dark gray lumbar is just what I want.

Blankets Maroc Design (Etsy) Moroccan pom pom blanket - I found this Moroccan blanket when we posted some of our holiday wish list items and it's been sitting in my Etsy cart for awhile now. I think the black and white ties nicely with the black metal frame and the pom poms really soften the look. Need!

Porter Teleo blush ink blot - My sister introduced me to Porter Teleo when she found this amazing, huge ink blot print for her new home. These are one-of-a-kind ink wash painting on Japanese rice paper and they are GORGEOUS. The art comes in all sizes and colors - I literally check the site all the time to scope out their new inventory.

So what do you think? Pull the trigger? I'll keep you all posted as I work on my guest room transformation. I'm pretty excited to get started - I literally have a panic attack every time I walk past the room currently, so clearly it's time to get moving.