• Anna

O+O guide to styling a console table

I think that it would be easy to assume that a home staging project is all fun and glamour - at least that's what we typically show in social media! But there are a ton of logistics involved in a project, one of which is picking the furniture to install at a property. Packing for a project can be quite cumbersome, so we've really tried to be somewhat formulaic in our methods.

Bedding packs (usually white duvets), bathroom bags (usually white towels) and kitchen accessories (usually cutting boards and white dish towels) can be set aside in advance. But we want each of our projects to be unique and console tables are a great way to give individual character to each property. So instead of setting aside a "pack" for each console table in a project, we typically use the following guidelines for packing:

1) something with height

2) something with life (or close enough!)

3) something that shines, stacks, or steals the show

Honestly, it's such a great method to follow for home staging because it takes the guesswork out of the equation. But it's also great guidance to follow in your own home. I tire of things pretty quickly (not my husband or kids...yet thank God) so I'm always changing things up - especially the console table in my entryway. I'm not necessarily swapping out any big items, but simply moving around some lamps and accessories to bring new life to the table.

Today I'm showing you 4 different ways to style the SAME Crate & Barrel console table and CB2 mirror by following our guidelines!

The first option is most in line with my personal decor style. I love that it's mostly neutral colors, but each piece bring amazing texture to create visual interest. The Pottery Barn seeded eucalyptus is some of the best faux stems I've seen, but I typically grab the real stuff from Trader Joe's and it looks gorgeous and lasts! And the CB2 stacked boxes are so beautiful and would look good in virtually any space.

Sources - lamp, stacked boxes, vase, seeded eucalyptus

The second option is a tad bit more eclectic. The color palette remains pretty neutral but I've tried to mix different styles into one look. Obsessed with the brass tripod lamp and I think the black and white poufs from Article are a great find, with the added bonus of extra seating.

Sources - lamp, black vase, cherry blossoms, coral, poufs

The third look is a bit more feminine than the first two with the delicate fern and the Minted floral print for a pop of color. Don't be afraid to lean art or a family picture up against a hanging mirror - the layered look is really amazing and you can always find a good picture frame around the house. And of course I had to throw in some coffee table books. Such a great way to add some varying heights and could be another avenue to bring in color.

Sources - lamp, faux plant, Minted art, basket

The last option is the most formal in the bunch. I totally love repeating the brass from the mirror in both the lamp and the footed tray. The tray would also look amazing if you wanted to fill it with some decorative balls or you could even use it as a place for keys. This look is quite simple, but really gorgeous.

Sources - lamp, white urn, faux branches, footed tray

The key to styling a console table is to add pieces with varying heights, colors and textures. You'll probably have to move things around and swap out pieces several times to get it how you want (we certainly do!), but if you follow our guidelines you'll be off on the right foot.

So, which look is your favorite??

xo, Anna