• Anna

Amazing kid bed ideas

So my youngest, Molly, starting climbing out of her crib before she was two years old. We should've realized what we were in for then!!! Needless to say, we had to transition her out of a crib at a pretty young age. I was terrified that this tiny little girl would roll out of a big bed, but I really didn't want to spend money on a toddler bed so we went straight for the big girl bed. For Molly I bought a white day bed from Land of Nod and I still absolutely love it. Her room isn't terribly big, so I loved the idea of a day bed and I think the style will grow with her and work even if we change up her room.

Melinda mentioned last week that her Parker needs new bed so I offered up to do some research for her and find some great options. Like any other piece of furniture, kid beds come in all different styles and prices, so today I'm sharing some beds that are low cost and mid-range, as well as some "I can't believe I'm spending this much on my kid but it's so cute I can't stop myself" beds.

Under $250

Top left >> Urban Outfitters $249, Top right >> Wayfair $206

Middle left >> Ikea $119, Middle right >> Ikea $129

Bottom left >> Wayfair $198, Bottom right >> Pottery Barn $199

Under $500

Top left >> All Modern $272.99, Top right >> All Modern $490.99

Middle left >> Wayfair $354, Middle right >> Ikea $479

Bottom left >> Crate and Barrel $399, Bottom right >> World Market $499.99

Over $500

Top left >> World Market $549.99, Top right >> All Modern $673.56

Middle left >> All Modern $682, Middle right >> Land of Nod $699

Bottom left >> Land of Nod $899, Bottom right >> Land of Nod $899

Hopefully one of these options will work for Parker. There are certainly a few that I wouldn't mind in my own bedroom!