• Anna

Make your bed - lazy girl edition!

My mom was a stickler about making my bed growing up. Aside from a few super lazy years in college, it's a habit that has stuck with me into adulthood. And clearly, it's pretty high up on the chore list for my kiddos. Something about making my bed each morning gives me a small sense of order in otherwise crazy mornings. All too often the cereal bowls are sitting in the sink and there are crumbs on the island as we run out of the house to catch the bus. And I can handle all those small messes, so long as my bed is made!

The lumbar pillow is not I must have been living under a rock for the past few years because it literally just occurred to me recently how much easier it is to make my bed when I use a lumber pillow instead of 15 different decorative throw pillows. Literally, 1) pull up sheets, 2) pull up comforter and 3) throw on lumbar pillow. Done. They are clearly a lazy girl's best friend when it comes to making the bed.

So today I'm sharing some really awesome lumbar pillows that you need in your life. Honestly, go out and purchase some neutral bedding (you can check out my blog post with my favorites here), snag one of these lumbar pillows and you are set. It's that easy! We've been using them at our staging projects as well. Not only are they super easy, but we have found so many amazing styles that really can make a bedroom.

1 Etsy// 2 Etsy// 3 Crate & Barrel// 4 Target//

5 CB2// 6 Etsy// 7 the Citizenry// 8 Target//

9 Etsy// 10 Etsy// 11 Etsy// 12 Crate & Barrel//

So, any favorites? I think I'm leaning towards the beige antelope pillow from Etsy. Gorgeous! As long as I'm making my bed my mother will be proud...she doesn't need to know I'm taking the easy way out.