• Anna

World Market to the (front porch) rescue

Now that it's spring is here (I think, I hope?!?) everything seems so bright and cheerful when I drive through my neighborhood. The grass is green and flowers are blooming, but sadly as I pull up my drive, my front porch is feeling a tad dingy. Even after we cleaned up our front porch and patio after the long, cold winter, it just feels cold and bare. I have a black painted bench has seen better days and even though a my green leaf pillows are technically weather resistant, it probably would have been a good idea to take them in during the winter...which I clearly did not do.

I plan to do a full curb appeal makeover at my house this month. In addition to a new bench I want a new wreath on the door and new planters filled with colorful flowers and plants. When I was looking for a new bench online I came across so many great options at World Market...AND, all outdoor merchandise is 20% off through the end of the month. So I pulled together a few of my favorite benches and pillows to share!

Bench 1 - Super traditional but definitely an update to the bench I currently have on my porch. I really love how this would compliment my glossy black front door!

Bench 2 - This rattan bench is so adorable and I honestly think I could put it in any room of my house. With some bright pillows, it could be a total showstopper.

Bench 3 - I really like the contrast of the gray wicker against the dark wood. This bench looks like it would hold up really well against the St. Louis elements.

Bench 4 - I think this might be my favorite as it compliments my black front door and also looks a bit comfier than the other selections...which is great as I love to sit outside and watch my kids ride bikes!

A // B // C // D // E // F // G // H

It was actually pretty hard to narrow down the pillow selections as World Market had sooo many good ones. Obviously you can mix and match any of the pillows with any of the benches, but here are some of my favorite combinations!