• Anna

Super "dup"er Tuesday!

There's nothing quite like a crush and even as I get older I fall just as hard and just as fast. So when I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across the Habitat Collective my heart skipped a beat! I absolutely love their aesthetic - lots of neutrals, clean lines and a mix of traditional and contemporary. Right up my alley!

I came across this picture of one of their bedroom designs and it quickly became one of my favorite bedrooms out there. I love how this room feels cool and casual, but really thoughtful and pulled together.

So today I pulled together some high cost and low cost pieces inspired by this gorgeous bedroom.

High edition: I use "high" but I really should say, slightly less affordable than the low version at $3,200. I really love the structure of the bed in this edition and that Minted art by Emily Jeffords is such an amazing piece to bring in that pop of green.

bed // lamp // art // nightstand // rug // bench // throw

Low edition: I think the lower cost version still really captures the feeling of the Collective Habitat's bedroom. My favorite piece in this group is the rug, which I actually like more than the more expensive version. And we use the leather bench for staging and it's for sure a winner!

bed // lamp // art // nightstand // rug // bench // throw

Let me know whether you prefer the high or low cost pieces inspired by the Habitat Collective. And make sure that you're checking them out on Instagram and on their website - you will love love love!