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Kitchen Counters: How to Style Them Right

Friday after July 4th got us feelin' like....staying in bed for a long morning. We hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their holiday! Now it's back to the decor world for us!

We've addressed your kitchen from top (lighting!) to bottom (runners & rugs!), now let's tackle the meat of the matter: how to style your countertops!

If you're lucky, you have loads of counter space for all your prepping, chopping, and mixing....and beautifying! Let's dive into styling those spacious slabs.

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How to start: Declutter.

This is why most of us have kitchen cabinets and not just open shelving: to hide our sh*t! Hide your small appliances, your dishes, and your cutlery cleanly away in your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Starting with a blank countertop will make styling easier, and more impactful! (note to those with open shelving: we admire your organization skills, bravoooo.)

Next: Choose items that are both pretty and functional.

This is where the fun begins.

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Some of our faves include:

- Cutting Boards (we love this one, this one and this one)

- Glass Jars

- Bowls and plates (such as this and this)

- A Collection of metal or wood cooking utensils in a cute canister (like this one or this one)

- Decorative Trays (loving these and these)

- Fruit and Veggies (faux for extra ease, these too)

- Flowers and Plants

Finally: Create several groupings of items spaced around the kitchen.

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We like to call these vignettes. A vignette is a purposeful grouping of accessories that looks finished and complete. For example, a pair of cutting boards, a jar of limes and a marble canister of wooden utensils; or a tray with glass jars, a pretty hand towel and a bright plant. Play with a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes.....and make it your own!

And don't forget to have fun! All of these items can easily be moved, changed out, or tucked away for another day.

We hope you enjoy your updated look!


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