• Anna

DIY Succulent Trough

I posted a time lapse video on Instagram a few weeks ago showing a super easy DIY project for a succulent trough and today I wanted to break down the steps to recreating this look at home. I've had this trough from Terrain for a number of years and it's honestly one of the best accessories I've ever purchased. It's so easy to update the trough with each season and holiday and the succulent look is perfect for your summer tablescape. So here are the 4 easy steps:

STEP #1: Invest in a trough

Clearly I am a big fan of the brass trough from Terrain, but you can certainly use any trough or planter that you love. Here are a few other options:

SOURCES: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right

STEP #2: Fill the trough with florist foam

You can find florist foam anywhere - I found some bricks at my local Hobby Lobby, but it's no more than a click away from Amazon. Depending on the length of your trough you may need to trim down the florist foam to fit the space. But I definitely recommend that you fill the entire length of the trough so that your succulents are not able to move around.

STEP #3: Insert your succulents into the florist foam

I suggest that you buy a variety of different sizes and shapes of faux succulents - and that the succulents have sturdy stems. This is the step that seems a little overwhelming, but trust me, you can't mess it up. I like to start with my largest succulents - like a faux artichoke - placing them haphazardly across the trough. Then I layer in some of the taller (and spikier) plants to add some height and texture. Next, I add in some of the drapey plants and be sure to left some of the plant spill over the edges. Again, I found some great succulents at my local Hobby Lobby, but Amazon sells some really good variety packs (click here), which helps take out the guesswork.

STEP #4: Fill in the gaps with moss

The last step is to use moss to fill in any gaps between the succulents. I like to use as many faux succulents that can fit in the trough, but inevitably there will be some gaps between the plants. Simply fill the spaces with some small amounts of moss so that you are not able to see any of the florist.

Here is the final product!

It's that easy! And if you're still not sure that you can pull it off, shoot me a note and I'm happy to put one together for you :)