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Styling with Runners & Rugs: 5 Tips for your Kitchen

You may think that your kitchen is the worst possible place for a rug. Isn't it just asking to be spilled on and scuffed up in your home's Grand Central Station? The answer is a solid yes, perhaps, it may get a splatter of sauce, or a drip of juice, or a muddy paw print once in a while. However, with so many well-priced options, you simply cannot go wrong adding a rug or runner to your kitchen floor. And most rugs are easily spot-cleaned! Change it out seasonally or invest in a classic design that will last all year, and your toes (and eyes) will surely thank you for adding a bit of stylish softness to one of your fave rooms.

Here we've compiled 5 tips for styling your kitchen with a rug or runner to help guide your selection.

1. Add visual interest to a white kitchen.

There is nothing quite like the bright and airy look of a white kitchen. Crisp cabinetry accented with clean pale tile exudes a subtle buoyant beauty. However, the space can certainly be a tad too white, which begins to look sterile and not so inviting. To give the space some personality add some color, texture, and pattern! No better way to do this than with a rug or runner.

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The tan and beige patterned runner above eases the contrast between the dark wood floor and the rest of the room, drawing the lighter cabinets and wall color down. Shop a similar look with this vintage-look runner in muted tan and blue tones.

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The jute runner above adds a natural warmth to the cool grey flooring and mimics the coloring in the butcher block countertops. We love this Abrielle Natural Area Rug from Birch Lane that comes in a variety of sizes, and at such a great price.

These rugs add the finishing design touch and both rooms look styled from top to bottom.

2. Accessorize a smaller space.

A smaller kitchen is a kind of blessing in disguise: small spaces have so much design potential! They beg to pack some punch in their petite dimensions. If you are lacking wall space for decorative artwork or accessories, don't overlook your floor as a place to add some color and personality.

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We just love the colorful kilim-style runners in the two galley kitchens featured above. Shop similar styles here with this

rich red, pink, and blue number, or here with a striped option, which is also reversible! Who doesn't love a two-for.

3. Double the fun.

Create a unique look by doubling up on the rugs! If your kitchen has two natural points of entry or heavily trafficked areas, such as either side of an island, go for two floor coverings. Either coordinating area rug and runner or the same one repeated can make for a cohesive and balanced look.

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We just swoon over this pink and blue pair, strategically placed in front of the sink and in the natural walkway from kitchen to dining room. Find these beauties from Lulu & Georgia.

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We love the symmetry and interest this striped pair adds to this white and grey kitchen. Find a similar look here, or go bolder with a geometric black and white pattern here.

4. Play up a large space.

Instead of a small mat just at the kitchen sink, choose a larger area rug that hugs the contours of the space. Cover a majority of the floor to create a carpet look that is substantially easier to change out seasonally or as needed for cleaning.

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This subtly patterned beige area rug plays up the grand size of this bright traditional kitchen as it fits between the lower cabinets and peninsula perfectly. Sometimes bigger is better ;D. Find similar light a bright large area rugs here and here.

5. Opt for an alternative material.

If you spend long stretches on your feet, consider a gel mat or rug for your kitchen. Not only will it save your back and legs, it will provide some serious style!

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How cool is this marble-look gel mat? It is such a unique and sophisticated look. Find the mat here, or a similar style here.

We also love this geometric print, seen below. The blue and copper combo adds just the right amount of glam. No one will know how comfy it actually is! Find this gel mat here.

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Haven't we convinced you that your kitchen just needs a rug? Which style will you go with? We can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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