• Stephanie

Accessorizing Like A Pro: Tabletops

We are sharing some fantastic ideas for easily styling your dining room tabletops. Adding a few accessories is all you need for maximum design impact!

Although the options are endless, there is a general formula for accessorizing a table.

1. The Base - Start with a table runner, a tray, a trough, or a large bowl.

2. The Main Event - A central collection of items that serve as a focal point.

3. Greenery - Self explanatory; a garland, stems, or fruit/veggies.

4. The Side Show - Often candles, either sticks or votive, or other smaller decorative accessories, fill out the vignette.

Check out some tablescapes we put together, with links to items below!

eucalyptus garland wood trough candles table runner

Wooden Trough Faux Eucalyptus Garland Black and White Runner Votive Candles

Other options: Rustic Wooden Baguette Trough Long Silver Decorative Tray Faux Boxwood Garland Gold Glass Votive Candle Holders Woven Table Runner

gold bowl moss balls votive candles

Brass Footed Bowl Moss Balls Glass Votive Candle Holders

Other options: Brass Bowl Drizzle Brass Decorative Bowl Wicker Ball Bowl Filler Set

grey table runner white vases tall faux stems

Grey Linen Runner Tall Glass Pillar Holders White Vase Collection Faux Locust Branch

Other options: Faux Tropical Leaf Stems White Ceramic Pillar Holders Recycled Glass Pillar Holders

faux artichokes geometric runner linen brass candlesticks

White Linen Table Runner Geometric Print Runner Cherry Serving Bowl Faux Artichokes Brass Taper Candle Holders White Taper Candles

Other options: Bronze Taper Candle Holders Faux Oranges

Your tabletop will thank you for giving it major love with a new centerpiece! Enjoy!

Happy accessorizing,


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