• Stephanie

IKEA: The Game Changer

IKEA used to remind me of one thing: college move-in day. A gaggle of awkward young adults hauling over-sized yellow and blue plastic bags filled with $3.00 bath towels, glassware and twin-XL sheet sets up their dorm steps.

ikea logo

Thus, IKEA may have been synonymous with "cheap" or "temporary."

However, as I have gotten to know this Swedish company's products over the years, I have been more than pleasantly surprised with their quality and longevity. There truly isn't another brand that offers the variety of consistently well-made home goods at such an affordable price point.

dark grey ikea office

And it isn't just furniture and accessories: IKEA is essentially a full-scale design service providing room by room solutions for storage and decor, from bathroom vanities to textiles to electronics. Even full-scale kitchen remodels from cabinets to appliances.

ikea kitchebn

They do. it. all. people!

Enter the IKEA 2020 Catalogue. It is 288 pages to "inspire a better everyday life at home, no matter how you live." After flipping through, I have to say that yes, I was inspired.

ikea pink duvet

ikea open closet system

The vibrant colors and smart storage solutions made me want to add open shelving to every wall, a hanging clothes rack in my bedroom, and put new duvets on everything.

ikea bathroom

But in all seriousness. IKEA is a go-to resource for stylish, durable, eco-conscious home wares you are sure to love. Request a copy of your catalogue today, or visit the store nearest you. You can thank us later.

Happy IKEA-ing,


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