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Back to School Deals You Shouldn't Pass Up!

Everyone is going back-to-school shopping, but and it isn't just for new clothes and classroom supplies.

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Many retailers feature back to school SALEs on a variety of goodies, from electronics to bedding to books.

But if you aren't a student yourself or don't have school/college-aged kiddos, you might skip this opportunity for some budget-friendly retail therapy.

Here's a little hint: Dorm room essentials aren't just for a dorm room. A SALE is a SALE sister! And sheets, pillows, towels and kitchenware have a place in your home too! I mean, we all use a can opener, right? So don't pass up a great deal just because something is marketed as a back-to-school necessity!

We searched some of our fave sources for some awesome back to school deals; you'll be surprised how well they could work for you!


6-piece towel set

Boho Reversible Duvet Set

Grey Microfiber Duvet Set

Navy Blue Sheet Set

wall decor

Decorative Brass Envelope

LED Decorative Cloud

Wash Your Hands Wall Sign

storage and organization

Bamboo Bathroom Organization Set

Shelves and Hooks Storage System - comes in Pink, Teal, and Blue!

Grey Storage Cart

Multi-Shelf Desk Organizer


Convertible Sofa

Wooden Computer Desk

Pink Accent Table

Navy Blue Square Base Lamp

kitchen goods

Melamine Dinner Plates

5-Piece Pyrex Set

16oz Ceramic Mug

So don't forget to take a peek in a retailer's "Back to School/College/Dorm Room" section for some awesome deals, even if you haven't been back to school in decades!

Happy Deal Finding (AND back to school shopping!),


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