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Spotlight: Magpie Design

Maggie Robertson portrait

Meet Maggie Robertson: this talented local is an artist who lives and works in St. Louis. Her work ranges from paintings to ceramics to drawings, frequently in a signature blue tone. We love Maggie's work: it strongly resonates with our aesthetic and the kinds of art we use in our home stages! AND we always love supporting a local creative female!

We recently caught up with Maggie about her career and her work!

Olive + Opal: How did you get your start as an artist?

Maggie Robertson: Well, I of course loved to draw and paint as a kid and that continued to be taken more seriously by myself. I studied Fine Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Committing full time to art has come to me a bit later in my life. It is who I am and what I need to be doing. I want to create things of beauty that others love and bring a bit of joy to people. That is what I want to contribute with my work.

O+O: What is cyanotype and why are you drawn to it?

MR: Cyanotype is a very early photographic process discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. Paper is coated in a mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide and after having been exposed to ultra violet rays from sunlight and "developed" in water, your resulting image is in this gorgeous blue. It is these sublime shades of Prussian blues and indigos that draw me to this process. It's so beautiful, it has cast a spell over me and I do not ever get tired of it, at least so far...

Maggie Robertson cyanotype 20178

The Hearals Cyanotype on Paper 2017

O+O: What is your favorite piece/work recently created?

MR:I have a large cyanotype that is in six parts meant to be hung together as one large piece. It is called "Kelpie Crossing". It is a scene of a imaginary deer like animal riding on the backs of half horse, half fish creature through water. It is up to the viewer to come up with the story of what in the world is going on. I like to conjure an animal narrative, a myth or fable of which we know nothing of the details.

Maggoe Robertson cyanotype 2018

Plante Monde, Cyanotype on paper in four parts, 2018

O+O: How would you incorporate one of your pieces into a client's home decor?

MR: My work lately tends to be large and high contrast. These are pieces that should be in dining rooms or living rooms where it could facilitate the start of good conversation among friends and family. I think they are great for children's rooms as well, because it is the kind of work that they can use their nimble imaginations while looking as they fall asleep and it is work that grows with them. It will never be just "Kid art."

untitled acrylic painting Maggie Robertson

Untitled Acrylic Painting

O+O: Where can we view/purchase your work?

MR: My most recent works are posted to my Instagram @magpiedesignstl. I also have a website that I will be updating. Please feel free to contact me directly through these as well. I have a couple of large pieces in the cafe at MayPop Cafe and Garden Shop on Murdoch as well.

O+O: Tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

MR: I've dissected a human corpse in graduate school!

Proud Flesh demitasse cup with saucer ceramics Maggie Robertoson

Proud Flesh Demitasse Cup with Saucer - ceramics

Maggie Robertson etching

Three Species of Crow, Etching with aquatint on paper

Be sure to check out Maggie's website and Insta to stay updated on all her awesome work!

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