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How do we do it? Apps & Sites that help our business (and lives) run smoothly!

It's definitely true what they say: it takes a village. These days, more like a village of electronics and apps, to keep this ship afloat! Here at Olive + Opal we aren't afraid to admit that we rely heavily on technology to accomplish day to day tasks, both big and small. We have an arsenal of apps that help us organize our schedules, create content, and manage our business. Below are some of our faves!

designFiles logo

DesignFiles - This is one of our most utilized apps when it comes to sourcing items for our warehouse or for specific client projects. It allows us to clip items from any website, save details such as price, and organizes them into designated "projects." We also use it to then create our client mood boards, as well as to develop social media content. Use this link to get started with your own DesignFiles account.

planoly logo

Planoly - Planoly is a social media content planner and scheduler tool used specifically with Instagram and Facebook. Posts can be pre-loaded into a calendar grid and scheduled to go live on a chosen date and time. It allows you to batch create content and schedule it to post way in advanced! Get your own Planoly account by clicking here.

moo logo

Moo - We use Moo for our business cards. They have great templates, fonts, and are very easy to work with. Create your own custom business cards or other print materials here. Use this code at checkout and enjoy 25% off your first order: BGFKZJ

chatbooks logo

Chatbooks - This easy (like, the easiest) app automatically creates and sends you photo books of pics straight from your phone. Starting at $10 each, they're so worth it! Get started creating your own Chatbooks with this link and get your first book for free (up to 10$).

dubsado logo

Dubsado - Dubsado is a business management tool that we use for much of the nitty gritty businessy stuff, like creating our contracts and managing invoices and payments. If your business needs some streamlining, give Dubsado a try here and get 20% off you first month.

canva logo

Canva - We love this website for creating online and print materials that always look clean and professional. With Canva you can create flyers and posters, social media content, and other branding materials using their preloaded templates or something completely customized. Start creating with Canva.

wix logo

Wix - Wix is our website platform. We also use Wix to create our blog. It is straightforward and super simple to use! Explore how you can develop your own company or personal website at

slack icon

Slack - We use this chat app for business communication. You can create different "channels" or topic threads, or use direct messages between two or more users. Although we use the free version, paid versions of Slack can integrate with over 1,500 other apps for improved workflow.

googledocs logo

Googledocs - Tried and true, Googledocs is an old time fave. We use it to share documents, spreadsheets, and files that multiple users can access and edit.

like to know it logo

RewardStyle - RewardStyle is our affiliate marketing platform, known to shoppers as We use RewardStyle to link products in order to earn commission on purchases through our account. It can take a bit of time to be accepted into the program, but read this blog post for tips on how to do so. And be sure to follow us on, oliveandopalinteriors.

pinterest logo

Pinterest - Another old favorite! We love finding tons of inspiration on other people's pins and boards, as well as creating our own.

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Instagram - We love to get sucked into the scroll as much as you do. Make sure you follow us @oliveandopalinteriors

What apps/websites/programs do you use to help streamline your business or your life? We'd love to know about them!

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