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Faux Window Box DIY

No doubt our homes tend to shine during spring and summer months, especially here in the Midwest, as flowers are blooming and grass is at its greenest. But as the weather changes and temps start to fall, you might be wondering how to keep your curb appeal game strong as your gorgeous garden withers and browns.

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Enter: artificial plants. We're not ashamed to admit that we take advantage of faux greenery frequently. It's easy to transport and essentially maintenance free. We use artificial plants indoors and out in our stages, and often recommend them to clients.

Faux-plant window boxes are easy and inexpensive but make such an impact to the look of your home's exterior. Both of these window box arrangements are artificial!

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No worrying about under-watering or freezing temps, these window boxes will look perfect year round. We opt for simple artificial boxwood for a clean ever-green motif.

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But we love incorporating other flowers and foliage as the seasons change - like faux pine branches during the winter season, or pastel flowers and hanging ivy for spring.

fall window box

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Follow these steps for no-fail window boxes and keep your home's exterior looking great, no matter the weather.

First, gather your materials.

- Plastic 36" window box

- Black plastic Balconera brackets

- Shredded hardwood mulch, brown

- Foam blocks, 12-pack

- Artificial boxwood sprigs, 6-pack

attaching brackets for window boxes
check window box for fit
add foam to bottom of window box
add greenery stems
add mulch on top

Place the window box back onto the brackets and voila! Instant update.

faux greenery window box

These window boxes end up being about $40 each, the most expensive part being the brackets ($28!). Considering they require zero attention and last for months, the investment is well worth it.

faux boxwood window boxes

How do you keep your curb appeal top notch during the colder months? We'd love your ideas! In the mean time, try these window boxes. You will love them!


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