• Melinda

Layering furnishings like a Pro!

What makes a space feel finished?

Modern Living Room

When I walk into a room and think "this looks really sharp," it's a good indication that we are done staging or styling. Obviously, this is pretty subjective to my taste. A 'finished' room is going to vary from one stylist to the next depending on aesthetic: bohemian, maximalist, glam, etc.

When we are staging homes for sale, we usually implement a "neutral eclectic luxe" style airing on the minimal side. The decor and furnishings we use in a staged home highlight the homes architectural features, and don't necessarily steal the show. This styling technique is achieved largely through the layering of materials and furnishings to create a sense of warmth and depth in a space. I'd love to share a few ways that we incorporate layering in a space to make it feel cozy and curated.

Rugs - Select a rug that properly fits the space to anchor the furniture and bring in some warmth. Even in the case of a carpeted room, sometimes a rug can help bring conversation areas together. Using two rugs layered on top of each other is also a look that we really love! Try a combo of a natural weave rug on the bottom (like Jute) with a patterned rug on top, or even a bold rug on the bottom with a softer shaggy rug (like a sheepskin) on top.

layered rugs

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Small Furniture - After your larger furniture pieces are added, it's time to add in pieces that are functional and interesting. For example, side tables, console tables, ottomans and benches. Don't worry about matching the material to your main pieces, this is where you can have a bit of fun mixing and matching! For example, the teak-wood coffee table, round chrome side table, and black console table, below.

Soft Goods - If there is any home decor item that I can't get enough of, it's pillows. First of all, they are usually affordable, and you can swap them to change your look as often as you want. When investing in higher-end pillows, remember to pick classic colors and patterns, and steer clear of anything that reads too trendy. Depending on the size of your sofa, add several pairs of pillows or mix and match a few singles. Accent chairs can also benefit from a pillow and look lovely when coordinated with the sofa pillows. A throw blanket tossed over the edge of the sofa or draping out of a basket is another soft and cozy addition.

layered throw pillows and blankets

image courtesy of @crystalinmarie via instagram

Art - Art is so personal, which admittedly, makes it hard to choose sometimes! We choose pieces for our inventory that personally inspire us, and incorporate them to complement the spaces we work in. Mirrors are also super versatile and a great addition in almost any space. Tip: position the mirror so that what you see in the reflection is also pleasing!

oversized art in living room

Accessories - When it comes to accessories, we love to mix materials: metal, wood, stone, glass and ceramics are some of our favorites. Combine several for an eye-catching look. Accessory styling tips: 1. Repeat specific materials or colors in your styling. For example, mirror 2 similar items on either side of a shelf to create visually appealing balance. 2. Generally, odd numbers of accessories in groupings are the most pleasing to the eye. 3. Did I mention books? Coffee table books and hard-back books can be used in a variety of ways on shelves and tables to add color, personality and dimension.

Greenery - Also an accessory, this element gets its very own category. Not only are plants good for you, they have an uncanny ability to liven up a space (literally). The pop of color always looks great in photos and instantly makes the room feel warmer and more welcoming. We fully endorse as many plants as you can keep alive! And some good faux ones if your green thumb is a little, well, brown.

Lighting - Even when a room is well lit over-head, we ALWAYS add additional lighting in the form of table and floor lamps. For one, they're functional, allowing you to adjust lighting levels for different moods. And two, lamps are a beautiful way to add accent and symmetry! We always find great deals on lamps at places like HomeGoods and Target.

I feel like I could go on and on, but these are some of the tools we use to layer a space