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Practical tips for your kitchen island lighting

Last July, I attended the Las Vegas Market to shop wholesale for our home staging inventory. I wondered into the display room for the Currey Company brand- and ohmygoodness, they have some good stuff! They also had this super handy lighting guide that is filled with all of the need-to-know info that a homeowner should have on hand when you shop for and install new lighting.

You definitely don't want to get in a situation where you spend a lot on lighting and then realize the scale is way off, it's too big for the table or too small for the island- either functionally and visually. What was that return policy again? JK. So, why fret over whether or not the height and size is right if someone has already figured out all of the 'rules' for us?!

The Kitchen Island

Everyone wants or has an island these days. I want one, but it's not going to happen until I move some walls, so I digress. It's really become the center of the home and many people even choose to use it for most of their casual meals. I always notice that people tend to congregate near the island at a house party, so let's get the kitchen pendants right! First of all, I love a good pendant, but since this post is less about the style and more about what to do with it- here are some pointers:

How high should they be? If you have a counter-height island, then the general rule is 30-36” above the countertop. If you have a bar-height counter, then they should be at least 24" from the countertop.

How far apart should they be? Space them at least 24" apart, and try to ensure that the space between is equal or greater than the width of the actual pendant.

How many should I use? If you are planning to hang multiples for a big statement- start with finding the width of your island and subtract by 12 to find the max width the pendants should hang. So, you end up with 6” from the edge of counter on each side to the edge of the pendant. Then, check this against how far they should be (see above) to see how many makes sense. You can always use one REALLY HUGE pendant, which is also a really great look. Just make sure the single pendant is centered and does not exceed 2/3 or the entire island size.

Good luck getting your pendant Pinterest perfect!

Have you recently done a reno and have more tips to add to the list? We'd love to hear from you!

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