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Where to buy great Wall Art!

We usually finish each of our stages by hanging wall art throughout a client's home. If you think about the composition of a space like an outfit, wall art is like the jewelry. It finishes off the look, pulls larger pieces together, and can add tons of personality.

black wall no art
accent wall with art

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But art can be tricky: Sizing, colors, and where do you even get "good" art?

These are questions we hear from clients all the time. We wanted to shed some light on the mystery of acquiring art to use in YOUR home!

1. Discount: There are def some good lower-cost art options out there. Some of our faves are HomeGoods, World Market and Target. Large wall art at these retailers range from around $60 to $200. Be sure to give each piece a good once-over: sometimes they can sustain some wear and tear and you wouldn't want to bring home damaged goods!

Here are some pieces we're feeling from Target and WM now (click to shop):

teal and yellow art from target

June Erica Vess 'Metro Gesture Ii' Canvas Art - Target - $129.99

black and white target print

Kate & Laurel Sylvie Modern Circular Block Print Framed Wall Canvas Gold - Target - $94.99

black and white road photo

Long Road Home Shadow Box Framed Photo Print Wall Art - World Market - $69.99

world market flowers painting

Sassy Self Portrait by Carrie Schmitt Canvas Print Wall Art - World Market - $99.99

2. Second Hand: We also frequent several second hand stores that are more likely to carry older/antique-type paintings and prints. Check around at nearby thrift and antique stores, but remember to go in with an open mind and have your bargaining boots on.

3. Online: We do a lot of shopping for art online. However, we encourage you to really do your research if you wish to purchase art for your own home online. Be sure to measure your space accurately (have someone help you!) and read all specs and reviews, including how the piece hangs (wire? sawtooth brackets? d-rings?) before committing. It can be suuuuper annoying (or even impossible) to return large art to an online vendor. Some of our fave spots are Etsy, West Elm, CB2, One Kings Lane, and Horchow. And prices do vary significantly, from ~$75 for medium sized prints to $300-400+ for large options.

etsy botanical prints

Botanical Print Set of 4 - Etsy - $180

etsy line drawing

Hands on Face Line Art - Etsy - $76

pink west elm abstract painting

Framed Print Composition V - West Elm - $299

blue and beige photo print cb2

Rooftop by Nicole Cohen - cb2 - $299

blue portrait of lady

Hayley Mitchell, Ka'iuliani - One King's Lane - $195

horchow afternoon fog painting

Afternoon Fog - Horchow - $881

4. To the Trade: "To the trade" is a term meaning an item is only accessible to a design/decor professional for purchase. To the trade art vendors that we utilize include Left Bank, Wendover Art Group, and Shadow Catchers. The awesome thing about going through an interior designer/decorator for to the trade only is the access to unique pieces. You will be able to view and purchase something totally different than anyone else. If interested in checking out their galleries, shoot us an email at, we would love to help.

5. Local to STL: We LOVE our city, and supporting local creators and vendors is something we strive to do. So if you are in the St. Louis area, here are some nearby places we acquire art:

- St. Louis Art Fair for original fine art , and the event itself is always super fun!

- Refind Room has a curated collection of eclectic vintage and modern home decor, as well as old and new art. We could spend hours browsing the treasures this place carries.

- Wilson's Lighting is a gorgeous showroom for lighting and decor, and has some fantastic large art.

- Local artists: We have gotten to know several local artists through networking events and even good ole-fashioned Instagram stalking! We love supporting these talented folks and their pieces are some of our faves.

So get out there and find yourself a sweet piece of art to complete your space! You won't regret it. :)