• Anna

Anna's 2020 Resolutions

I am very good at making New Year’s resolutions. I am very bad at executing New Year’s resolutions. I think my problem is that I tried to change 20 things about my life at once, which is just not possible. So this year I am only focusing on just a few items each month. And some months only one task, if I know it will really take a lot of time, energy and focus. Another problem with my execution is that I do not hold myself accountable nor have anyone else hold me accountable. So this year I am using the blog as a way to hold me accountable. Each month I will be posting my goals at the beginning of the month and my progress at the end of the month. Hopefully 2020 is the year where I can make some positive changes. I have an amazing life and family so even if I stay at status quo there is not much room for complaints. But I feel like this is my year! January will be my most ambitious month. I think it’s the start of the new year that has me super excited to get going. here are my areas of focus for January:

Home organization - this will actually be an ongoing goal for the entire year but in January I am kicking off a challenge created by a bowl of lemons. It’s a week by week organization guide that focuses on one room at a time. You can find it here. In January I will tackle the laundry room, the home office, the kitchen and the pantry. Email and electronic clutter - my email is ridiculous. I currently have 327 unread emails...gross! I am going to try to implement some tools, like designating specific times of day to check and manage emails, in hopes that I can get it under control.

More water consumption - I know that drinking more water is one of the best ways to stay healthy. When I drink more water I feel better and I look better. But I do not drink water. This month I am committing to drink at least 60 ounces of water a day and will be tracking it on an app that reminds me to drink water and also tracks my consumption. Less alcohol consumption - I know from past experience that I am not an all or nothing kind of person. When I cut something out completely I tend to crave it more and ultimately consume more. So I will not participate in dry January however I will be cutting back on alcohol, limiting drinks to the weekend only (if even that) and capping myself at a 2-drink maximum. You are welcome to judge, but I currently drink more than 4 drinks a week So I’m excited to see what cutting back it does for my body and my wallet.

So I'll be checking in twice a month to keep you posted (and keep me accountable). Let me know if you need an accountability partner, I feel like when more people are involved, the more success we can have together!



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