• Anna

Our 2020 business goals!

We were so fortunate to have a fantastic 2019. Our business grew exponentially and we were #blessed with an awesome new team member, Stephanie. If you want to see our full recap of the year, be sure to check out Melinda's blog post here. But now that we're in a new year, it's time to look forward and we couldn't be more excited. We have some big goals for 2020 and we cannot wait to tackle them!

In no particular order, here's what is important to Olive & Opal in 2020:

#1 - If it isn’t a hell yes, then it’s a no

We love to make people happy, almost to a fault, so in 2019 we said yes to several opportunities that were not right for our business. These opportunities did not propel our business, nor did they bring us personal satisfaction. So in 2020, we are saying yes to the RIGHT opportunities. Those opportunities that make us so excited and pumped that we can't wait to get started.

#2 - Thoughtfully grow our inventory

We more than doubled our inventory from 2018 to 2019 and as we grow our business we continue to invest in inventory. It was difficult in the early stages to be proactive in our purchasing, not reactive. We oftentimes purchased inventory very quickly in response to an impending project and oftentimes ended up with pieces that we liked, not loved. In 2020, we plan to thoughtfully curate our inventory and purchase only pieces that support our design aesthetic.

#3 - Increase our gross revenue by 25%

Not much explanation necessary for this one, but we plan to increase our revenues not necessarily by taking on more projects, but the right projects. After a few years in the staging game, we know our strengths and weaknesses and if we accept projects that highlight our strengths and avoid those that expose our weaknesses, the sky is the limit.

#4 - Schedule our days for maximum impact and productivity

Don’t get me wrong, my favorite days are when all three of us are together on a project. But in an effort to be more productive and efficient, in 2020 we are going to thoughtfully schedule our time so that we are making the most of our day. For example, we do not all need to be present for a destage. We would be better served to send two people to the destage while the third member worked on social media content, administrative tasks or inventory sourcing.

#5 - Grow our community presence through networking and volunteer opportunities

We met so many wonderful people in 2019 - clients, agents, fellow small business owners, to name a few - and we quickly learned that there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with like-minded people to help learn and grow.

#6 - Invest in continuing education and business development

So much of our growth and education in this business has been through trial and error. There are so many excellent educational opportunities available to expand our knowledge on both home staging and running a small business. We plan to each spend time on continuing education at least once a month in 2020.

#7 - Grow our social media presence

Man, like many business owners, we have a love/hate relationship with social media. We certainly understand that a strong presence offers us "free" advertising; however, at times it can feel all-consuming and silly. This year we plan to continue to grow our social media presence authentically through opportunities and posts that feel right and leave us feeling good, not desperate.

#8 - Focus on team building activities

We love to hang out all together, but sometimes we are so busy running around that we aren't actually spending quality time together, but rather occupying the same space. This year we plan to schedule monthly team building activities so that we can remember that in addition to being partners, we are also friends. We plan to attend each other's workout classes, learn new skills and try new restaurants. This is probably my favorite of all our 2020 goals.

Again, we are so excited for this new year and feel like there is so much to be achieved and accomplished. We hope these 8 goals serve as the roadmap for our year and we plan to check in on our progress regularly so that they stay top of mind and lead us to continued success.