• Anna

Are they real or fake?

I really wish I could keep plants alive. I have two ZZ plants in my house that are barely hanging on, but to be honest, I've killed more than my fair share of fiddle leaf fig trees. If you have any tips to get your indoor plants to thrive, please send them my way. But if you're like me and struggle to keep them green, maybe it's time to check out faux plants.

Faux plants have come a long way! We love to use faux plants and stems in our staging projects and honestly, our use of greenery in our staged homes is part of our signature style. Plants offer a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. Check out how the plants in the pictures below really bring the rooms to life!

I think that faux plants have a bad reputation. Perhaps they make you think of your grandparent's house filled with glass figurines and stiff floral couches? I know that I turned my nose up to faux for quite some time, but I have officially converted.

Now that the holidays are over, it's a great time to switch up some of the decor in your home. If you're in the market for some new faux stems, be sure to check out the round up below. We love shopping for stems at Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn and Etsy has an unbelievable selection.

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5 Wayfair // 6 Etsy // 7 Etsy // 8 Etsy // 9 Etsy //

So what's stopping you? They're fake and they're fabulous!