• Melinda

Can't Figure Out How to Tackle Your Home Decor? Follow This One Piece of Advice

When you are a Home Stager- you get to take part in an amazing transformation each day. It's seriously so fun! You also get to shop A LOT for home decor and furniture, which is also fun- but sometimes stressful when your shopping list is crazy long. It's really hard not to let all of this bleed into our normal home life, and to be fair- we love decorating, which is a big part of why we started AND why we love this business. Sometimes we share our endless home projects with you to get a glimpse of our personal life and style (which is different then how we style staged homes). For example, my home tends to lean a little more California Casual/ Boho then our staging aesthetic.

Latest completed home project: Eat-In Breakfast Room

Latest completed home project: Eat-In Breakfast Room- Design Plan (We use to create moodboards and 2D/ 3D room designs)

The reason I say all of this, is often we get asked from our friends "how do I start?" or we hear "I am overwhelmed...there are so many rooms that need furniture and decor and I don't know how to do it". This isn't where we offer our styling services, this is where I offer my best advice to friends: start with one space, imagine, design and execute one space at a time. Focus, people. It is so expensive and overwhelming to tackle a whole home. Unless you are spending some major bank and have tons of extra time on your hands (if you exist, please tell me your secrets), then focusing is the way to go.

Where to start? Think about which room ranks highest in terms of what:

(1) annoys you the most with its current state

(2) has the most potential to offer more immediate function or joy.

Start with that room!

You don't NEED a professional! Look on Pinterest, Instagram, LikeToKnowIt and find some inspo & ideas. Most of the bloggers will source their items or similar items for you so you don't have to do the hard work of actually finding the stuff. Who cares if the room looks exactly like the room you found - if you really love it and it makes your heart happy? Find a way to personalize with accents and items that make you smile and reflect your unique life and experiences. And BTW, stop expecting that it's going to be done in one weekend! For goodness sakes, HGTV has ruined us with these amazing transformations that happen overnight. That is totally unrealistic in real life. Plus, if you are ordering any furniture online or anything custom (like a sofa), then plan for 6-8 weeks lead time.

When you are done with Room #1 and you are basking in the delight of your newly decorated (and finished) space, then start to plan and budget for the next one. Before long, you'll have transformed your house into a home full of rooms you really love. Stop rushing to decorate the entire house just to host a baby shower- no one really cares if your home is Pinterest perfect. What matters more - is taking your time to finish your space in a way that is meaningful to you, after-all, it's your money and you are the one living there, right?!