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Ask an Agent - January Edition!

We are starting a new series this month called "Ask an Agent." We have been so fortunate to meet some amazing real estate agents in the St. Louis area and we're all teaming up to share tips, trends and hot topics. Each month we'll ask the agents one burning question and see what they have to say on the matter. A huge thanks for our amazing colleagues for participating! Here is the question-of-the month for January:

What is your top tip for getting your home

ready to list in these cold winter months?

Hayley Tomazic, J.F. Meyer Realty

Take exterior photos of your home during different seasons of the year. If you know you will be listing in advance, ask your agent to take professional exterior photos before winter. Potential buyers will not be able to see that gorgeous magnolia tree in bloom or your amazing azaleas. Homeowners with pools should always make sure to have photos handy of the pool when open. Photos are key to help buyers visualize the true beauty of your home.

Lizzy Dooley, Dooley Rowe Schnoebelen, Dielmann Sotheby

Our top recommendation is to really spit and shine the outside of the house - the outside walkways, retaining walls, your flower beds, your windows, your front door, your shutters. These areas are the first things that people see when they pull up and your exterior is really going to set the tone for your showing. I would make sure that you remove any moss that's growing on any of your siding - a power washer can do the trick. You also want to make sure your walkways, flower beds and retaining walls are in good shape. You're not going to have any trees or flower pots to help frame your house but that doesn't mean that people are not going to be paying attention to the outside. The outside is just as important as the inside. And in the winter, it's more important. If the house looks unkempt, some of your potential buyers are going to pull up and just keep driving.

Lindsey Jacobs, Susie O. Johnson, Coldwell Banker

Call your agent as soon as possible to start planning.

Our recommendation is for sellers to call their agent as soon as possible. We like to meet with sellers far enough in advance that we can talk strategy, comps, and pricing. We like to meet with them early to go through their house, room-by-room, and come up with an ABC to-do list. It might be things like paint touch-ups, decluttering, talking about staging the home. We like to have as much time as possible to get everything ready that when it hits the market it's in tip-top shape!

Jill Azar, Laura McCarthy

Make your home feel cozy.

It is always nice to have a couple of pretty throws out, maybe pop on a fire for showings. There is nothing more satisfying for a buyer than to picture themselves in the home during the different seasons, winter is a great time to spark that reaction. Regarding the exterior, just keep it cleaned up and crisp since there is not much foliage during the colder months.

Thanks so much to our agent partners! We hope these tips are helpful and we'll keep them coming, month after month.


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