• Stephanie

Making the decision to move on *and move*

Ok folks, it's about to get real real.

Three years ago I had a heart attack. It was serious, and it was scary. I am okay now, but my life looks a little different today than I thought it might.

Let's rewind.

Three years ago I was living in LA with my dog and hubby. We bought a cute blue updated bungalow in the hopes of starting our family there.

blue california bungalow

Our sweet house at 1453 Hepner Ave.

After the heart attack, doctors advised me to wait at least a year before trying to get pregnant. No sweat, a year isn't that long, and soon it had passed. But, our time in LA was up as the hub's work was moving us back to our hometown of St. Louis. We were so pumped to be back with family and friends (and lower home prices!!). So we sold our bungalow, packed up and headed east.

It was a corporate move, so the time frame in which to find a new house in St. Louis was slim. On our one-weekend house hunting trip, we fell in love with a gorgeous old colonial home.

colonial home

We had grand aspirations for this forever home: filling it up with kids, dogs, laughter and memories. We signed on the dotted line.

Right around this time, doctors were reassessing my health and we received terrible news: it would be dangerous, even deadly, to try to have a baby. Cue heartbreak and tears.

After lots of testing, talking, and traveling to specialty clinics, we nervously decided to go ahead and risk it. Getting pregnant and having my own child was a part of my life dream that I just wasn't willing to give up.

Fast forward 2 years. We have a healthy amazing baby girl named Coco, and I am healthy too. We tempted fate and I escaped unharmed. We feel so lucky to have our family of three, well, four if you include our sweet dog Callie.

family photo

But something has shifted. Our dream of filling up a big house with a team of kiddos no longer exists. We are blessed to have our one miracle and she is enough.

I have realized that this once forever house no longer fits into our dreams, for they have changed dramatically. Our forever looks a lot different now than what we first thought it would be.

After sitting with this reality for some time, we've decided that it is okay for things to shift and for dreams to change. The only thing you can predict in life is its unpredictability. And our house doesn't make us a family. Our family makes whatever house we live in a home.

So this spring we will be looking for a new home for our little crew, in which to make new memories and new dreams. Excited for the process, and to share updates along the way!