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Anna's 2020 Resolutions - January Recap & February Goals


January resolution grade: B-

I was certainly a straight A student, but I definitely did not get an A in January with my resolutions. I think, if we're being honest, that I was a solid B- (maybe even a C+). Like life, there were some areas that I killed and others where I was less than successful. In a nutshell, here were my January resolutions and how I fared in each.

Home organization: B-

I started strong following the home organization challenge by a Bowl Full of Lemons. I started with my master closet and feel great with the amount of clothes that had be hanging in my closet for years without any usage. I invested in some new velvet hangers and some storage bins and I have to say, I've been able to keep my closet clean all month long. After my closet, I kind of got distracted, but I plan to kick this goal back into action in February!

Reduce e-mail clutter: C

Again, strong start with the effort to reduce my e-mail clutter. That first week or two I had even designated 2 times a day to delete and file e-mails....buuuut, then a few busy days got in the way and I have slightly less junk (but pretty close) to the mess I started with on January 1.

Drink more water: A

Woohoo, my first A! I really tried hard to drink more water and less a day here or there, I managed to drink over 60oz of water every day. At first I used an app to track my water intake but towards the end of the month I didn't feel like it was necessary. I might have even created a new habit!?

Drink less alcohol: B

I feel really proud that I essentially eliminated ALL weekday drinking in January and it's something that I will continue throughout the rest of the year. I don't need the calories associated with my mindless weekday drinking and cutting back seems to help me get more sleep. I probably drank more on the weekends than I had planned in my resolution, but overall, I feel like I have started a new relationship with alcohol and think I can keep it up.


Home organization (repeat from January):

As I mentioned before, I'd like to get back on track this month and follow the Bowl Full of Lemons challenge. This month, I'd like to finish the challenge in four areas of my home.

No shop February:

Another goal in February is to get my finances back in line after the holidays by cutting out all unnecessary shopping. This includes no shopping for clothes, products or eating out for lunch during the week. I've done this in the past during the month of February (the shortest month!) and while it's a bit tough, it really gives me some perspective on my spending and opens my eyes to how much money I spend on things I don't need (and sometimes even want).

Organize photos and print photo books:

As a home stager, my cell phone is probably the most important tool in my bag and I use it for calls, emails, bids and most importantly, pictures. That being said, I have over 10k photos on my phone that need to be backed up and organized. So my goal in February to get my phone photos under control, as well as print some photo books from 2019.

Hopefully I'll be a little more successful in February than I was in January! But at the end of the day, if I even see a little bit of progress I'll be pleased. Progress over perfection, right??



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