• Stephanie

Faux orchids: You need one.

I pride myself in having a relatively green thumb: I have kept our 15 houseplants alive and well for the last 3 years. I've propagated our fiddle leaf fig. I've misted and pruned like no one's business. But I have killed no less than 5 orchids. These finicky little suckers are impossible for me. Is it 3 ice cubes a week? 1 every other day? I can't keep it straight and inevitably my orchids shrivel and die.

potted faux orchid in bathroom

One item we bring to EVERY staging project is a faux orchid. We often place them in bathrooms, but also use them on bedside tables and even in the kitchen. There is something so elegant and regal about a single white orchid in a simple pot. It really takes the space up a notch.

faux orchid on window sill

So I stole this trick for my own home, and now I have a gorgeous magenta faux orchid on my kitchen window sill. I never have to worry about.

Below you'll find a roundup of faux orchids that you can easily buy online! And trust me, you'll be so glad you did! Whether white or pink, this sophisticated bloom will bring you joy day in and day out.

1// 21" Artificial Potted Orchid, Target, $31.49

2// 25" White Orchid in Gold Vase, Overstock, $51.49

3// Double Phalaenopsis with Glass Vase, Home Depot, $43

4// Silk Phalaenopsis Flower Arrangement with Vase, Amazon, $23.85

5// Phalaenopsis Faux Orchids Floral Arrangement, Wayfair, $43.28

6// Nearly Natural 24" Orchid Artificial Arrangement, Bed Bath & Beyond, $60

7// 18" White Orchid with Planter, One Kings Lane, $80

8// Faux Fuchsia Orchid, Overstock, $52