• Anna

6 ceiling fans we love!

There are a few items in a home that can immediately date the house - with light fixtures typically at the top of that list. Oftentimes we suggest that homeowners swap out their light fixtures before listing their homes for sale. It's actually an easy and inexpensive way to make the home feel more current.

The ceiling fan is another fixture that can immediately make a room feel dated or dumpy. Even more so than with light fixtures, I think that swapping a ceiling fan seems intimidating and perhaps something that will take significant effort and expense. I'll admit, even in my own home, the ceiling fans in the bedrooms give an early-2000's vibe that I'm not totally digging. Perhaps because the ceiling fan is such a practical and functional item that I hadn't really noticed just how dated they were until recently (yikes)!

In some staging consultations, we might recommend that the ceiling fan be scrapped completely and replaced with a light fixture; however, it's hard to imagine life without a fan in the St. Louis summer heat. So if a fan is a must (like it is in my house), we suggest that you keep it simple and sleek like the Rejuvenation fan in the breakfast nook above.

Here are some of Olive + Opal's favorite no-fuss, no-light ceiling fans:

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I plan to replace the ceiling fan in my master bedroom this spring. I'll be sure to share a before and after when I get it installed!



images via Rejuvenation and Apartment Therapy