• Melinda

My home office's time

I love having the flexibility to work from home when we aren't staging, it's awesome! I can drink tons of coffee, turn on the fireplace, wear my slippers, and listen to my music WAY too loud. ;) However, my husband also works from home sometimes and that presents an issue. We have different work styles, we both have to take calls, and he can be a bit of a chatty cathy (love ya, babe), so I have to sequester myself in the actual office to get anything done. I have also figured out that I need to be far enough away from any potential chores so I am not tempted to do them. I see you ... sink full of dishes...unopened mail...piles of laundry...

That brings us to THE OFFICE. Current situation pictured below. I was really into yellow when we moved in, and I never wanted to admit that it was a little too bright because it took us like 3 coats to cover the baby blue paint on the brick. YIKES.

I really love the look of built-ins, but not necessarily the price tag. We were able to use some pre-built cabinets for our banquette and then customize pieces around it to give it a 'custom' feel. I'd love to do that on this back wall. Sharing two versions of an office update below, both include a bit of wallpaper. Maybe considering wallpaper on the 2 non-brick walls or on the ceiling... which could be really awesome!

Sources: Chandelier, Sconce, Console, Desk, Desk Chair, Accent Chairs, Side Table, Black Stripe Pillow, Mirror, Wallpaper

Sources: Chandelier, Lamp, Console, Desk, Desk Chair, Accent Chairs, Art, Mirror, Wallpaper

I'll keep you posted! I am planning to let these ideas gel for a while and revisit in a week or two before I start the REAL planning.