• Melinda

Need a new shelf for your #Shelfie?

It's no secret that we use console tables and cabinets in our home staging projects A LOT. However, one piece of furniture that is great for your home decor, but we don't use a lot for staging- is a tall glass curio cabinet. It's awesome for displaying a collection, books or styling a mix of items. We pulled a few of our favs below, with 6 options under $1,000. We love these in a darker, black finish- but there are a few more natural, lighter finishes that look great too.

When selecting and styling, pay attention to the color of the back of the cabinet. You will want to place items that won't get lost against the interior walls of the cabinet. So, lighter items in a dark cabinet, like #2 will look better and vice versa for option #3 below. If you have a bunch of white vases or dishes to display, they will really pop in the cabinet from Crate & Barrel- #9 below.

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