• Melinda

Throw Blankets to get you through the quarantine 😷

This is quite a remarkable time. I think we are all truly dealing with it on different levels and in different ways. Some days are good and some, well...they really suck. Just to keep it on a lighter note, (and to keep us busy) we will keep bringing you home decor ideas and content.

Today, we are sharing a few of our fav throw blankets! A lot of times, we rely on HomeGoods to pickup a new throw- and they usually don't disappoint if you have an open mind! However, while we are avoiding any unnecessary shopping, online shopping is to the rescue! And- it's no secret that Target has some really good stuff at really affordable prices! YAY!

spring throw blanket round up

So, hang in there and let's all hope that the spring weather brings a much needed respite here in the midwest.

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