• Guest Writer: Jamie Heffer, Real Property Group

How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

Home Staging by Olive & Opal Interiors

Every homeowner likes to think that their property is special when they are about to sell it. But with more than 4 million houses being sold every year in the USA since 2005, it is hard to see how any home can be truly unique. At every given moment, a literal flood of houses is being listed for sale and it is very easy for your property to get drowned in this deluge.

How will your home stand out? How will it stack up against the hundreds of homes that are currently being sold in your area? Is there anything about your home that will make buyers stop to take a second look at the property? Your answers to these questions could make the difference between your home spending 93 - 143 days on the market instead of just 40 days.

When homeowners advertise their homes, they try to draw attention to its best features. But with so many other sellers doing the same thing, what could have been the home's advantage quickly becomes commonplace. If all the homes in the area are as nice and well-priced as yours, what would make a buyer choose yours over others?

The answer is simple. The home which evokes the most pleasant emotions in a buyer's mind will get the check. This is why helping buyers connect emotionally to a home is the most important part of marketing a property, says Real Property Group. And that is what home stagers do. When a home stager prepares a home before listing, they help it become the realization of all of the prospective buyer's dreams.

Who is a home stager?

Home stagers are marketing experts who use interior design principles as tools for marketing real estate. They deploy color, décor, furnishing, and lighting to make ordinary homes look like pictures on the front cover of a home design magazine. Home stagers maximize everything in the home to make an immediate impression on buyers from the moment they set foot on the property.

These are the specific benefits you can derive from having a professional home stager prepare your home for sale.

1. Home stagers sell dreams

Buying a home is often a dream that buyers have nurtured for several years. Therefore, home buying is a highly-emotional experience for most people. In the buyer's mind, the home is more than a shelter and they look beyond its systems and structures.

Home Staging

Buyers look at how a home fits their self-image and future aspirations. People don’t buy houses, they buy something that fulfills their dreams and home stagers know how to sell that dream to them.

2. Highlight the selling points

Homeowners are usually so familiar with the selling points of their home that they expect the buyer to be able to see it too. As a result, they fail to properly call attention to those features. Home stagers, on the other hand, go out of their way to highlight the best aspects of a home.

They know how to mask a home's weaknesses or turn them into strengths. A home stager can make small spaces look bigger or find interesting ways to use awkwardly-shaped areas.

Kirkwood Home Staging

3. Make the home web-ready

Over 90% of homebuyers begin their search for their dream home online. And each home a buyer encounters is assessed based on the info they are presented with online. It is only if the internet pictures make a good impression that buyers contact sellers to arrange a walk-through.

A home that looks good on web pages will sell ahead of one that does not. Home stagers know how to use lighting and digital photography to help a home make the most impact on online shoppers.

4. Attract the most number of buyers

There are two things professional home stagers do to make the home appeal to more prospective buyers. They know how to design the home to capture the likes of a wider section of the market. In contrast, homeowners usually design their homes in a way that appeals to buyers with similar tastes and interests.

Second, home stagers know the style trends that buyers are currently looking for and design the home to match them. By these two things, the home stager increases the probability of a quick sale.

Home Staging by Olive & Opal Interiors

5. The home sells faster

By highlighting the strengths of a home, making it web-ready, and incorporating an emotional message in the marketing, home stagers help a home sell faster. Staged homes spend as much as 90% less time on the market than unstaged homes.

This is partly because the online images of the home are so captivating that people are motivated to share them. The result of this is that a staged home gets more exposure, which increases the probability that the home's pictures will eventually land in front of the right buyer.

Finally, the sum total of all these is that a staged home will sell for more, as much as 17% more, on average, than a home that has not been staged. Because the buyer is already in love with the property, they will often make a bigger offer for it. In summary, home stagers help homeowners make the most of selling their home.