• Anna Neal

Easy lighting updates

Bad light fixtures can totally make a home feel dated. Swapping out the old fixtures may seems like an expensive undertaking, but there are tons of great affordable options. All you need is a good handy man and you can truly make a huge transformation with little time and money. See some great examples of stylish modern fixtures in the pics below!

Flush/Semi-flush lighting

Whoever came up with the design of the oh-so-unpleasant "boob light" should be ashamed. These fixtures look extremely cheap and honestly, don't tend to get off much light. We recommend that you swap out those ugly things for a modern flush or semi-flush option. Below are some great finds that do not offend your eyes or your wallet.

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On occasion we will work on a project where the original light fixtures remain and still look beautiful - but this is few and far between. Oftentimes, we find that homeowners have replaced the original fixtures but the replacement happened about 20 years ago and we're left with some pretty sad fixtures. Chandeliers make such a statement and can oftentimes be the focal point of a room, particularly the dining room. So it's important to showcase a fixture that is a showstopper, but also one that works with the style of the home. Just because "modern farmhouse" is currently trendy doesn't mean that it works in every home. Below are some wonderful chandeliers, all under $300.

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Bathroom fixtures

Most of our agent partners would agree that kitchens and bathrooms sell the house. Outdated kitchens and bathrooms can definitely turn off buyers. Not every buyer is looking for a fixer upper and when they see an old kitchen or bathroom, all they see is dollar signs. An easy way to update a bathroom, without a total renovation, is to update the light fixture. Make sure to consider the other hardware in the bathroom (i.e., drawer pulls, towel rods) when making your selection. You want to use a fixture that coordinates with the rest of the hardware, not competes. Check out these great options for your bathroom.

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