• Melinda King Christman

Home Staging in 2020 - How'd we do?

We feel truly grateful that our small business was able to thrive (and exist for that matter) despite the constant state of change and uncertainty of this crazy year. The real estate market started super crazy in January and February, then SCREECHED to a halt in March and April while everyone just sat around freaking out and in many cases trying to juggle new, additional responsibilities at home. (Including us!) We are thankful to know that we have ALMOST made it to 2021, which we think will bring tons of fresh energy into our business and lives! We'll admit it, this year was tough personally in SO MANY ways. Without getting too mushy or personal, (because we've done enough crying) we'd love to share some of our end-of-year business highlights.

Thank you to our clients, friends, and supporters for sticking by us during this year of uncertainty. We appreciate you! Cheers to 2021! We are looking forward to another year staging homes for you! If you ever have a question about staging or are looking for an STL Stager, please send us an email at We'd love to answer all of your staging questions and help you sell your home fast!