• Anna Neal

Moving is a great time to get organized

It is no secret that over the years we accumulate A LOT of things in our homes, many of which we don’t need, want or even know that we still own! The moving process is a great time to look at what you have and to pare down in preparation for the move. Your potential buyers want to know that there is enough space for all their things, so showcasing a clean and clutter-free home is super important.

In general, we recommend that you create 4 piles when you are organizing your home for sale –


As you go through each room, you can categorize your possessions into each group and slowly narrow down the items that you want to make the move. Sometimes this process can be overwhelming, especially when you have sentimental attachment to your possessions. If you feel that you need help tackling the organization, we recommend that you hire a professional organizer to assist in the process.

Once you’ve identified the items that you want to donate, there are a number of organizations that will take your items, and some of which even come pick them up.

Below are some great organizations to consider. Please make sure that you thoroughly check each organization's website to understand what items they do and do not accept.

Home Sweet Home - Home Sweet Home helps clients from partner organizations transition to their new living situations with much-needed furnishings and basics, providing a sense of ownership and a source of stability at this crucial time.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul - St. Vincent accepts donations of new or gently used clothing, home goods, and furniture.

Habitat for Humanity - Habitat ReStore accepts new and gently used appliances, furniture, building materials, household goods and more from individuals and companies.

Charity Clothing Pick Up - If you have lots of clothing that you like to donate, Charity Clothing Pick Up is a great resource for gently used clothing for all men, women and children sizes, as well as for gently used, small household items.

ASCPA or local animal shelters - If you have old blankets and towels that you no longer need, be sure to reach out to your local animal shelters, who oftentimes accept these types of donations in their locations.