• Anna Neal

Our favorite front door colors!

We always recommend that homeowners have a fresh coat of neutral paint on their interiors walls, but it's important that you also pay attention to your exterior painted surfaces as well. We are typically pretty rough on our front doors - they definitely take a beating with the constant opening and shutting, even more so if you have little ones! So if your front door isn't in tip top shape, a fresh coat of paint can definitely make a world of difference and step up your curb appeal. Remember, buyers are inspecting and judging your home from the second they pull up.

It's important to keep in mind the other materials and colors of your exterior when selecting a front door color. Just because red is your favorite color doesn't mean that red is appropriate for your front door, particularly if you have a red brick exterior. You also want to consider the door frame, trim and shutter colors, as well as your hardware and lighting on your front porch. Definitely grab a paint swatch or sample and compare your choices against the other exterior surfaces. Finally, the paint sheen is an important consideration when selecting your paint so keep durability and lighting in mind when you select.

Here are Olive + Opal's favorite paint front door colors:


Like the classic little black dress, a classic black front door is super versatile and works well with almost all exterior surfaces and colors. A black door definitely pops against white and other light colored exteriors, but also stands out against brick and stone exterior surfaces. According to Zillow, the best color to paint your front door when selling is charcoal gray or black.


Benjamin Moore Black Beauty

Benjamin Moore Jet Black

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams Black Magic


Gray is another super versatile front door color consideration. Like black, it works well with many exterior colors and surfaces, particularly with white exteriors or darker exterior colors, like navy or dark gray. Because gray is a cool color, we suggest you really pay attention to the shade of gray you select so that it feels cohesive with the rest of the house.


Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

Sherwin Williams Cyberspace

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal


We love a deep, dark blue for the front door, particularly a navy, which definitely pops against a white or light gray exterior. Blue is fabulous because it can work with both warm and cool colors, so it also works great with those creamy whites and beiges too. While a light or baby blue can work in specific instances, we shy away from light blue front doors, particularly when selling your home.


Sherwin Williams Naval

Olympic Dragonfly

Benjamin Moore Midnight Navy


Like a good lipstick, finding a good red is pretty tricky. A bold red door definitely makes a statement, but again like the lipstick, isn't appropriate for all homes. We think a bright red door is fabulous against white siding, particularly in a traditional colonial home with black shutters.


Benjamin Moore Caliente

Benjamin Moore Red

Sherwin Williams Real Red


As long as you consider your other exterior surfaces, the sky is the limit for front door colors. If you're selling your home, we recommend that you stick with classic colors like black or gray. But if you're sticking around a want to get a little wild, below are some examples of bold colors that absolutely work!

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