• Anna Neal

So you’re selling your house – our top kitchen and bathroom tips!

The amount of to do’s when you are selling your home can be overwhelming. Oftentimes you’ve lived in a home for a long amount of time and you have accumulated lots and lots of stuff, everywhere! Kitchens and bathrooms are super important to home buyers. Many of our real estate partners in the St. Louis area have indicated that the kitchen is the most important room to buyers, so it needs to be immaculate. See our top tips for prepping your kitchen and bathrooms for sale!


Clear off your counter tops, removing most small appliances

Show potential buyers that there is plenty of clean counter space by removing clutter and appliances, including blenders, knife blocks, and drying racks. We typically leave only one coffee maker or teapot, a decorative hand soap and a plant or bowl of fruit for a pop of color.

Clean the exterior and interior of all appliances

Really make those appliances shine, regardless of their age. This includes removing magnets, photos, etc. from all sides of the refrigerator, including the top.

Make sure that all cabinet doors and drawers are in good working order

Fixing that drawer that doesn't shut quite right has been on the to-do list for years, and now is the time to get it done. Buyers are certainly nosy and they will definitely open and close the cabinets drawers and doors while they tour the house. When those drawers and doors don't open and close correctly, they see dollar signs.

Wax or sponge floor to a brilliant shine and clean baseboards

Don't forget about the floors! You'd be amazed at how neglected our baseboards can become over the years. A clean house gives the buyer the impression that the house has been cared for and well-maintained over the years.

Clean sinks and confirm working order without leaks or drips

Certainly hire a plumber to address any leaks or drips if you cannot fix yourself. And don't forget to check for leaks, as well as clean and organize under your sink.

Clean and remove clutter from pantry, cupboards and drawers

Take this opportunity to pre-pack any items stored in your kitchen that you do not use on a regular basis. While we recommend that you prioritize the exterior of your kitchen, it's a bonus if you can have the interiors clean and organized as well.


Make sure all tile, fixtures, shower doors are immaculate and shining

Remove all rust and mildew and confirm tile is free of cracks and caulking is in good order. Again, you want the buyer to understand that the house has been well-maintained and loved, so it's definitely worth the time and money to recaulk or replace those tiles, if necessary.

Scrub sinks, toilets and tubs

Similar to the kitchen sink, it's imperative to confirm no leaks or drips in sinks or shower. Confirm that toilet is in good working order and seat is firmly fastened as well.

Clean out all cabinets

Bathroom cabinets and linen closets need to be clean and organized, so take the time to pull everything out and pack up, donate or throw away those items that you do not use regularly. If you have tons of towels or blankets that you no longer need, we suggest donating them to local animal shelters, who are always in need of extra supplies.

Hang bright and fresh towels and shower curtain, preferably white

Fresh white towels and shower curtains give the bathroom a clean and spa-like feeling. It's certainly worth the very small investment to buy a few new towels and a shower curtain - we suggest solid white, the plainer the better!

Confirm lighting is bright, but soft

You will want to confirm that the bathroom lightbulbs are working and consistent. We oftentimes see vanity fixtures with multiple types of bulbs and different shades of white. It's important to keep the lighting consistent. We suggest soft white lights, but regardless of the types of bulb you choose, keep it consistent throughout.

So there you have it, our top tips for getting your kitchens and bathrooms ready for showings. Many of these items seem like no-brainers - and you are correct! We don't think you need to spend a ton of money to get these spaces ready, but it certainly takes some time and elbow grease to make them shine.