• Anna Neal

Time to upgrade your front door hardware!

When you move into a new home, you tend to spend a ton of time and energy on the internal spaces. And oftentimes, unless there is a huge exterior project, we typically don't touch the existing hardware on our front door and home exterior (I know I haven't!). We talk about curb appeal quite a bit, so apologies f

or being a broken record, but it's true, curb appeal matters when you're selling your home. So making these small, inexpensive updates can really impress your potential buyers and hopefully land you a quicker offer. And even if you're not selling, I can guarantee these changes will give you a renewed love for your front door.

Sources: a// Schoolhouse Electric $198 b // Home Depot $250 c // Schoolhouse Electric $364 d // Home Depot $191 e // Schoolhouse Electric $198 f // Wayfair $134 g // Wayfair $270 h // $343

Sources: a// Pottery Barn $59 b // Etsy $93 c // $16 d // Wayfair $26 e // Etsy $30 f // Etsy $60

g // Etsy $24 h // Rejuvenation $49

Sources: a // CB2 $7.95 b // Wayfair $10.38 c // Wayfair $22.14 d // Wayfair $13.32 e // CB2 $24.95 f // Etsy $7.70

g // Home Depot $4.98 h // Etsy $29.99

So try not to neglect your front door. And if it needs a little paint refresh as well, be sure to check out our blog post on our favorite front door colors here.