• Anna Neal

Wallpaper in the powder room

We are so excited to finally move into our new warehouse space. Our advice to homeowners when they are selling their homes is to keep the bathroom crisp and clean, typically recommending that they use a white or light gray paint and to avoid any tricks or trends. While we're keeping the office and other common areas at the warehouse really light and neutral, we decided to have a little fun in the powder room. We've seen so many fun examples of wallpapered bathroom and we were inspired to go big in this one small space.

The warehouse bathroom is pretty tight and we decided to go for a moody design and actually use wallpaper. We know that wallpaper might not be on trend forever and even more so, we know that we'll probably want an update in a few years, so we're opting for peel-and-stick wallpaper over traditional wallpapers. Melinda has hung peel-and-stick wallpaper in her daughter's room, so we're letting her lead the charge for install.

A small bathroom is a great place to be bold with design, largely because of the small surface area and the fact that it's fairly easy to make swaps and updates with lighting fixtures and vanity hardware. Below are the top contenders for our warehouse bathroom design, as well as the links to shop the looks.

We have a white pedestal sink and we opted to go with a simple matte black faucet. Beyond that, we're going to mix and match different elements of each design in the actual space. We can't wait to share our final result, in the meantime, we challenge you to go a little bit outside your comfort zone...if and only if, you are not planning to sell your house in the very near future!!

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