• Melinda King Christman

We asked STL Home Organizers: What's your favorite product? Here are the top 5.

It's a New Year and we are ready for a fresh start, aren't you? We asked our local Home Organizers about their favorite products and rounded them up for you!

Lizzy from Happy Spaces by Lizzy:

#1 Slim Hangers

Personally, we really love these because they allow you to put more in your closet without the bulk of the plastic hangers. Plus, they look super sleek and give you all of the "I've got my life together feels". LOL.

Kaelin from The Monthly Refresh:

#2 Woven Baskets

All three of the Olive & Opal ladies use these EVERYWHERE in our own homes and in home staging. They are great for hiding ALL of the things. They also work well for styling your #shelfie - to create a repeated pattern by using multiple baskets and to hide things like (ugly) kid toys. ;) You know what we mean- the ones with blinding primary colors.

Kit from Kit Organization:

#3 iDesign Linus Bin

Melinda used these bins in her panty and fridge projects - and they are great! I can see why Kit loves them. So versatile for any type of project, especially when it comes to organizing kid stuff.

Mia & Claire from STL Refresh:

#4 Clear Bins from Container Store

"While we love clear storage bins and trips to the Container Store, we really like to use what you already have." YES! We love it when professionals are looking for ways to get you more value. Personally, I've got into a habit of saving shoeboxes as I've found that they make great dividers in my kids' dresser drawers.

Hadley from Organizing by Hadley:

#5 2 Drawer Mesh Organizer

Hadley shared that she uses this Mesh Drawer in almost every single bathroom organization project! And we can see why- what a brilliant way to actually use the (black hole) storage area under your sink! Love this and currently imagining all the ways I can stock up on my bathroom supplies.