• Stephanie Brunt

What to Expect from your Staging Consultation

In a stager's ideal world (at least OUR ideal world), every home we stage would be vacant. Vacant staging is just our jam: we can bring in furnishings to completely change the look of a home, which, if we're being honest, is sometimes what it takes to sell a place!

But we know that most people stay put while their homes are on the market, and that's where we come in with an Occupied Staging Consultation. In a nutshell, we help homeowners who are staying put throughout the selling process pare down, organize, rearrange, and spruce to get their homes looking their best. Read on for the details of this process!

1. The Tour

When we come to your house for your consultation, the first thing we would like to do is take a quick tour of the entire home. This gives us an opportunity to get a feel for the style vibe, assess storage space availability, and quickly check for any major issues that stand out right away. We also note the specs (# of beds and baths), room sizes, and layout.

2. Room by Room

Following the walk-through, the fun starts. We will go room by room to discuss recommendations. We try to give you some reasoning behind what we're telling you as well, but we ask that you listen with an open mind and trust in us! We do this for a living.

There are a few high-level tasks we recommend all homeowners complete before listing, and we can review them here:

- Deep Clean, everywhere. Carpets, trim, cabinets, closets, windows, bathrooms. All of it.

- Make minor repairs, including patching drywall, fixing finicky drawers, aligning slanted cabinets, and replacing burnt-out bulbs.

- De-personalize - we recommend taking away 2/3s of your personal/family stuff like portraits and pictures, vacation memories, diplomas, embroidered blankets, etc.

- De-clutter - organize and hide (or start packing!) your sh*t, you know the stuff. The bills, and papers, and bottles, and boxes, and rubber bands, and single socks, and paper clips, and magazines, the loose little odds'n'ends that we all have piles of everywhere. Why and How do they accumulate? No one knows. Do us and your potential buyers a favor and get rid of them!

It's amazing what a difference these simple tasks alone can make to help get you ready to list. And there's much more in store when we meet in person for your consultation!

Give us a shout at 314.254.5086, or reach out via email at, and let's set something up!