• Stephanie

Hangin' Like a Pro

For every stage we complete, we finish the day by hanging all wall art, clocks, frames, etc. These pieces add extra character, color, and that special something that ties together larger items like rugs and furniture.

I would be lying if I told you it was our favorite part of the stage. To be honest, its rather nerve racking hanging something on another person's freshly painted wall! We try our best to utilize old nail holes, or none at all (such as leaning a large canvas on a sideboard). But when either method isn't possible, we grit our teeth and go for it, always measuring twice (or three or four times) and hammering once.

Follow these tips for hanging artwork/frames like a pro.

To start: decide where the piece will go in relation to other fixed features (i.e. ceiling height, windows, furniture). Most experts recommend that the center of a hung piece be at a height of around 57-60 inches (eye-level of your average human). Ain't nobody got time to measure that though, so just eyeball it.

Next, use the following guide for the actual hanging process.

Gather your tools....

picture hanging tools

And select your work to hang. Pray that it only has one hanging bracket....BUT OF COURSE IT DOESN'T.

two sawtooth hanging brackets

So follow this guide:

painter's tape on sawtooth hanger brackets

marking painter's tape

place tape, measure with level

hammer in nails
put on picture, measure with a level


We hope this method saves you a headache, and a few rogue nail holes.

Happy hanging,


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