Our business is home staging, but we get to wear many hats in our work and personal lives.  We are boss babes, moms, and home decor enthusiasts.  On this blog you'll get to read a little bit about all of the above! 


We are always on the look out for ways to save time, energy, space and money in our staging business. When we first started staging vacant homes, we decided to purchase inflatable air mattresses for the primary bedroom staging. They were inexpensive and compact and at the time, a good business decision. That is, until we arrived at a destage (or a few) to find our mattresses were leaking air and the bedrooms looked disastrous. Talk about embarrassing!

We tried using real box springs and mattresses (and still do occasionally), but let's be honest, these babies take up a ton of space in the warehouse and are difficult to move in and out of homes. Older homes especially are particularly hard for old mattresses and box springs.

So we did a little research and eventually came across the idea to use foldable bed frames and foldable box springs for our bedroom staging and oh boy, has it been a game changer! While they are certainly pricier than an inflatable mattress, the foldable bed frames and box springs take up very little room in our warehouse and are easy to move. Plus, we know that they are going to retain their shape regardless of how long the bed remains staged.

One warning for using the foldable frame and box spring combination - they are super uncomfortable! Like, you will definitely get some bruises if you attempt to bounce or cuddle on these things. But that doesn't mean that they can't look like a fluffy and cozy oasis. To achieve that hotel bedding-like feel, we use the following formula:

  1. Cover the box spring with a plush quilt

  2. Tri-fold a large comforter or duvet at the bottom of the bed

  3. Use 4 king-sized pillows as a base, regardless of whether we are staging a queen or king bed

  4. Layer 2 euro-sized pillows, then decorative pillows

Below are the links to the foldable bed frame and box spring, as well as some affordable comforters. If you are a home stager, these are a MUST!

Many families are choosing to be bold in their kitchen with colored cabinets and islands. I absolutely love the look and wanted a navy blue island when we remodeled a few years ago, but I got cold feet and ended up going the all-white kitchen route. My style lends a little traditional and I really worried that I would tire of anything that felt too trendy. As I'm starting with a pretty blank canvas, I prefer to bring in color and change through accessories and hardware.

One easy way to add a pop of color to your kitchen (all white or not!) is to add a colorful rug. I love to scour Etsy for all the vintage rug finds, but there are some amazing, affordable options from local retailers as well. The area in front of the kitchen sink gets a lot of usage, so make sure to keep that in mind when you select your rug. Rugs with more color and pattern tend to hold up well in this location and definitely hide spills and traction.

Images via 1, 2, 3

Below are some beautiful and affordable kitchen rugs that I love. And most importantly, they look like they could hold up to my family!

My front porch was looking rather sad after the holidays and I absolutely needed to add a pop of color and a breath of life to the space. Last year I invested in a white outdoor loveseat from Target and while it took a little bit of a beating since last summer, with a good scrub it was looking good as new. But I was sick of my outdoor throw pillows and decided that a rug would be a great addition to tie the small space together.

The One Kings Lane line for Bed Bath and Beyond has continued to impress me with its stylish designs and affordable price tags. I bought both the navy and white stripe (with yellow trim) and the navy with oranges from Bed Bath and Beyond and really love both the quality and design. I also picked up a small wicker side table from Bed Bath and Beyond for a bit of visual interest.

The blue rug is from Kohl's and I must admit, it's a little bluer and bolder than I normally go, but I actually love it. For less than $50, I'm happy to have this bright pop of color on my front porch and if I tire of it after this year, I won't feel totally guilty replacing it for another update.

Definitely check out my design below for the refresh and let me know how you are updating your front porch this spring!

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