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Many families are choosing to be bold in their kitchen with colored cabinets and islands. I absolutely love the look and wanted a navy blue island when we remodeled a few years ago, but I got cold feet and ended up going the all-white kitchen route. My style lends a little traditional and I really worried that I would tire of anything that felt too trendy. As I'm starting with a pretty blank canvas, I prefer to bring in color and change through accessories and hardware.

One easy way to add a pop of color to your kitchen (all white or not!) is to add a colorful rug. I love to scour Etsy for all the vintage rug finds, but there are some amazing, affordable options from local retailers as well. The area in front of the kitchen sink gets a lot of usage, so make sure to keep that in mind when you select your rug. Rugs with more color and pattern tend to hold up well in this location and definitely hide spills and traction.

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Below are some beautiful and affordable kitchen rugs that I love. And most importantly, they look like they could hold up to my family!

My front porch was looking rather sad after the holidays and I absolutely needed to add a pop of color and a breath of life to the space. Last year I invested in a white outdoor loveseat from Target and while it took a little bit of a beating since last summer, with a good scrub it was looking good as new. But I was sick of my outdoor throw pillows and decided that a rug would be a great addition to tie the small space together.

The One Kings Lane line for Bed Bath and Beyond has continued to impress me with its stylish designs and affordable price tags. I bought both the navy and white stripe (with yellow trim) and the navy with oranges from Bed Bath and Beyond and really love both the quality and design. I also picked up a small wicker side table from Bed Bath and Beyond for a bit of visual interest.

The blue rug is from Kohl's and I must admit, it's a little bluer and bolder than I normally go, but I actually love it. For less than $50, I'm happy to have this bright pop of color on my front porch and if I tire of it after this year, I won't feel totally guilty replacing it for another update.

Definitely check out my design below for the refresh and let me know how you are updating your front porch this spring!

It has been said that plants make people happy, and I can personally guarantee that when you walk into the LoKey Designs studio in the Shaw District, you will most definitely feel happy. Owner Laura started LoKey Designs about 5 years ago out of her love for plants and flowers and her desire to learn how to keep her plants alive and thriving instead of continuously throwing out her short-lived grocery store plant purchases. She started her business growing succulents in her home and has expanded to nurturing and selling numerous house plants and trees in her gorgeous studio. What types of plants does Laura sell? Well, she keeps it simple and follows this important rule: if she can master the plant, she will sell it.

Laura makes it super easy to shop her beautiful plants offering a few ways to get your hands on her beauties. First, you can schedule a 30-minute private appointment to shop in the Shaw studio. Secondly, you can order your goodies online and pick them up at her studio. She also graciously delivers orders in the St. Louis City area for a $5 fee.


I was most excited to learn more about Laura’s home plant consultations. Despite my admitted black thumb, I continue to purchase plants over and over and watch them die because I have no clue what plants work in my house nor do I have any idea what each plant requires in terms of lighting, watering and care. Cue Laura’s home plant consultations! For $15, Laura hopped on a 30-minute FaceTime call with me to discuss my plant concerns and created a personalized recommended care plan. We use faux plants in our staging projects and while I have a handful of great fakes, I really want some live plants throughout my house (ones that will thrive).

Laura and I discussed several areas in my home where I'd like to add some live plants. First, I have a large bare corner in my dining room and I want to fill it with a large tree or some potted plants, but the room doesn’t get much light and there are lots of drafty windows in the space (see pic!). Secondly, I want some plants on the dresser in my master bedroom and in the bathroom, which again, both spaces that don't get a ton of natural light. My bedroom and bathroom are super neutral and I want some plants to add a pop of color and life to the space. Essentially, low-light and low maintenance plants fit the bill at my house. I can't wait to see her plan!


While her plant consultations will help you identify any specific plant issues in your individual home, Laura says that one of the biggest mistakes that people make with house plants is ignoring your home’s humidity. Particularly in winter months, our homes get super dry and just like our skin, our house plants can suffer. According to Laura, folks tend to overwater when their plants look a little dry which unfortunately is not addressing the humidity problem.


While no plants are completely foolproof, Laura shared her top picks of houseplants that are easier to maintain (i.e., my kind of house plant). These plants typically require little instruction or excess care. But again, I definitely recommend that you reach out to Laura to schedule a consultation to figure out what plants work best in your home.

Pothos – Pothos plants come in several varieties and do well in a variety of environments. The silver satin pothos is Laura’s favorite house plant, largely because they tell you exactly what they need.

Snake plant - Not only are snake plants (dracaena trifasciata) easy to maintain, they also have the ability to absorb and remove harmful toxins and can act as an effective defense against airborne!

Philodendron - Philodendrons make for great indoor plants because they can adapt to various lighting and water conditions. With their large green leaves, they are a perfect indoor addition to your house.

And if you need some cute little plant holders, look no further. You can shop these looks here.

I've never been more excited about plants than after spending some time with Laura. I can't wait to fill up my house with her suggested plants and watch them thrive. Be sure to learn more about Laura and all the amazing plants and services offered at LoKey Designs. You won't regret it!



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